Boost your General Surgery Billing Pitfalls with the Perfect Association

Medical billing and coding for general surgery are not as simple as you think. Besides being educated in procedures ranging from hernia repair to bladder surgery, the billing and coding staff need to be knowledgeable in the proper use of the global surgical package, modifiers for surgeon roles and same-day procedures, and citations for unlisted procedures. Mistakes can lead to lower reimbursements and cause compliance issues. The General Surgery Billing Pitfalls are issues that many hospitals and medical facilities experience and can be avoided with practice and patience.

General Surgery Billing Pitfalls

A medical billing, coding, and revenue cycle management association can assist your billing staff by performing periodic audit risk assessments, helping minimize compliance issues, and helping your practice bill more efficiently and effectively. Depending on your facility’s general surgery practice needs, you may also benefit from outsourcing all or part of your billing, coding, and revenue cycle processes.

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Role of General Surgery Medical Billers

At the outset general surgery billing is anything but basic, looking at the complications involved in diagnosis, procedures, treatment, and follow-up visits. If your facility already bills for general surgery, chances are that you are losing money in unwanted billing mistakes and coding errors. Keep in mind that it’s crucial to minimize the current business loss in order to have a fruitful future.

Intricacies of General Surgery Billing

Under general surgery billing, there is a wide range of procedures that all fall under the same principle category, and billing for these procedures begins with appropriate documentation for services provided before, during, and after each procedure.

For a general surgery practice to be financially successful, distinctive attention must be paid to a number of factors; such as patient information and coding the full extent of services, following the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes, and the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) guidelines. Remember that provider payment is largely determined by these categories, so it is imperative that all information and codes are entered correctly by the billing personnel.

If you are unable to hire and train a coding specialist, you may align your work priorities by associating with a third-party billing organization such as Medical Billers and Coders. We have expertise in various specialty billing services and under general surgery billing our team of experts is responsible for billing insurance providers and patients, as well as everything required in the collections process. This way, you can save valuable time, which otherwise would be spent on follow-ups while also providing patients with the topmost level of data security.

General surgery billing and coding with the perfect association is a key step in maximizing profit, maintaining facility organization, and analyzing charges for the services you render, all the while being HIPAA compliant.

Are you Ready for the Perfect Association?

Having a potent partner in the form of a billing agency can actually increase your facility’s net revenue. In the end, one thing you should remember is that the company you associate with should understand all facets that go into the general surgery specialty. With Medical Billers and Coders, you can be assured that the staff working for you has ample hands-on experience to maintain professional, knowledgeable payer interaction while giving you every dollar you deserve!

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