Celebrate Thanksgiving with ICD-10 Codes


Thanksgiving is a time for a celebration, a time when the entire family comes together and feasts. This is also a time for a lot of mishaps that could happen at different places. These could make way to your clinic and the subsequent step would be an ICD-10 diagnosis. Following are some of the ICD-10 codes that could come handy during this Thanksgiving.

W61.42XD- Struck by turkey, subsequent encounter

Definitely people will not be going turkey hunting, though if they do choose to get a little adventurous this Thanksgiving, you may have yourself use this code.

Y93.G3- Activity, Cooking and Baking

There certainly is a lot baking, along with Turkey roasting. Gotten themselves burnt with the baking tray maybe and here they come!

Y04.0- Assault by Unarmed Brawl or Fight

With tons of offers out there Thanksgiving will attract a huge crowd and probably you have liked something the other person too has like with the best offer on it. What comes next?! A fight!

 W21.01- Struck by Football

Not applicable for a telecast but if your family chooses to have one, you got to be careful!

These are only a few of the codes that could be useful this Thanksgiving. If you have any more codes that could be used in the emergency room, do tell us. Happy Thanksgiving!! This Thanksgiving we have a special way of celebrating and so we have come with some exciting Thanksgiving offers for you. We are running great offers on our top specialties- Wound Care, DME, ASC, Cardiology AND Optometry. Other than these you can also receive credits on other billing specialties.