Challenges to Radiology Medical Billing

Radiology medical billing has its own set of challenges. Unlike the rest of medical billing specialties, radiology billing has two components i.e., the professional component and the technical component. While billing for radiology, when a radiologist uses a radiology apparatus, dyes & machines, it must bill it under technical elements, whereas diagnostic results must be billed under a professional component. You might receive a lot of claim denials if you don’t have certified, trained billers and coders who understand this differentiation of radiology billing. We have discussed prominent challenges to radiology billing and practical tips to overcome them. 

Radiology Medical Billing and Practical Tips

Administrative Burden

Radiologists put a lot of burden on them by doing everything on their own. It’s a big ask as they handle hectic billing and coding tasks as well as non-medical obligations. By handling all the tasks, they feel that they administrating it in a better way. But doing everything on their own leaves really less time to focus on providing quality care services. They feel an excessive burden of handling both medical billing and medical care management. 

In radiology billing, insurance companies are introducing new payment policies regularly which could be difficult for practice owners to stay on top of it. As mentioned earlier radiology medical billing and coding requires a certain level of expertise and certified credential which practice owners or their staff might be missing. If you are running your practice on large scale then due to administrative burden, things might go out of hand in no time. Outsourcing your radiology billing services can take away your administrative burden. Your saved time can be utilized in providing quality radiology services. In addition to this, medical billing companies help you to focus on other core competencies of your medical facility remarkably.

Claim Denials

Radiology professionals face significant revenue loss due to denied claims and rejections. You need more time and extra efforts to comply with changing regulations and review subtle details for the necessary documentation prior to the error-free submission of medical claims. It’s a challenge to streamline the claim submission process, reduce problems of payment denials, improve inefficient payment schedules, and while enhancing reimbursements. As time passes costs involved working on such denials and rejections also increased exponentially which puts more pressure on the practice owners. Radiology medical billing experts can assist you in reducing medical billing and coding errors, reducing claim rejections, submitting clean claims, managing claim denials, and adhering to insurance guidelines.     

Unqualified Staff

As mentioned earlier radiology medical billing and coding requires certified and experienced billers and coders. To have better control, many practice owners make the mistake of hiring in-house billers and coders. They may not be aware of the basic guidelines of radiology billing and make a lot of mistakes that directly affect your insurance reimbursement. Your in-house staff may not be able to remain on top of radiology medical coding or billing as they also have to deal with administrative tasks. However, an expert medical billing company can help you to overcome these issues significantly. These medical billing companies have certified and experienced radiology billers and coders who have in-depth industry experience and practice knowledge. Moreover, they stay up-to-date with the latest coding transition as well as new legislation of the billing system. They understand your business requirements and provide efficient solutions to enhance the productivity of your medical facility.

Outsource Medical Billing 

Your medical practice doesn’t have to face these radiology billing and coding challenges alone, MedicalBillersandCoders can assist you. When you outsource your radiology billing and coding, you get access to our billing and coding experts who have vast knowledge about diagnostic radiology coding and they understand payer rules. We use accurate codes to file claims and help practitioners to get reimbursed in a timely manner. In this way, we can enhance the revenue stream and improve the cash flow. Our radiology medical billing services cover everything from eligibility verification to clean submission of medical claims to revenue collections. To know more about our radiology medical billing and coding service, contact us at 888-357-3226