CPT Category II Code Updates by AMA

The American Medical Association (AMA) has released an update of CPT Category II code list, which will first appear in CPT 2012, with an implementation date of 1st Jan, 2011.

The CPT Category II codes are supplemental tracking codes that can be used for performance measurement. The use of tracking codes for performance measurement will decrease the need for record abstraction and chart review, and thereby minimize administrative burdens on physicians, their staff, and other health care professionals. These codes are intended to facilitate data collection about quality of care by coding certain services and/or test results that support performance measures and that have been agreed upon as contributing to good patient care.

Medical coders and providers should take a note of this update as there are many revisions, significant new codes and deleted codes based on previous updates that AMA has released this year. The major information on CPT Category II code about performance measurement exclusion of modifiers, measures, and the measures’ source(s) is listed below:

  • Composite measures 0001F-0015F
  • Patient management 0500F-0575F
  • Patient history 1000F-1220F
  • Physical examination 2000F-2050F
  • Diagnostic/screening processes or results 3006F-3573F
  • Therapeutic, preventive or other interventions 4000F-4306F
  • Follow-up or other outcomes 5005F-5100F
  • Patient safety 6005F-6045F
  • Structural Measures 7010F-7025F

Source: AMA

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