Do not Miss our Exciting Thanksgiving Offers!


It is the month of November 2015 and this is Thanksgiving month. This year we have a special way to celebrate Thanksgiving. With so many offers that will be out there, here we are, much in advance with our offers, just for you. Medical billing services have never seen such exciting and exclusive offers. Grab our offers today and get benefitted.

MBCs professional service offered by adept coders constantly works towards streamlining your revenue and ensures no stone unturned in effectively reducing your denials and increasing your revenue.  By outsourcing the following medical specialty billing services to us, you can earn a credit on the particular billing service-

Ambulatory Surgical Centers- $5000/- ASCTHANKS$5000- Watch your ASC revenue grow and streamline procedures for a profitable practice.

Durable Medical Equipment- $5000/- DMETHANKS$5000- Our knowledge of payers and their policies will help you get reimbursed to the fullest.

Wound Care- $5000/- WCARE$5000- Various coverage policies offer different rules regarding treatments covered. MBCs in depth knowledge will ensure you receive minimal rejections.

Cardiology- $2000/- CARDIOTHANKS$2000- Intricate procedures call for detailed specificity, on which depends your reimbursement.

Optometry- $500/- OPTTHANKS$500- Extensive experience takes us to the level of assuring zero loss of money and an instant reduction in denials.

Other medical billing specialties- $500/- OTRTHANKS$500- Let the experts take care of your billing so you can look after your patients.

This credit has a validity of one year and you can utilize it throughout the year in slots as per your convenience.  Hurry! Our offers are valid for a limited period only.

Follow the steps below to access your credit. Do hurry since our offers will be doing the rounds for only a limited period.


  • Click on your specialty tab
  • Enter your details
  • Enter the code
  • Submit