Do not Struggle with Optometry Billing Anymore!


Optometry billing has been subjected to a number of challenges that keep Optometrists from gaining profits. Declining reimbursements and increasing regulations are placing added pressure on physicians, driving them away from patient care.

Is your Optometry billing wearing you out? Is coding a challenge for your staff? Incorrect coding may have you end up seeing more denials. Optometry billing is not an easy task unless you know where to include refraction while submitting a claim to the medical carrier.  Certain ways of bundling could lead to a fraudulent case. A sound knowledge of Medicare and Medicaid Optometric billing will allow higher collections and reduced denials. Your practice, in the absence of an expertise, could be subjected to lower reimbursements, thus into losses. It is imperative to understand reasons for denials, in order to create a firm founding on which common reasons are analyzed and thus can be avoided in the future. Having a denial management strategy in place can help in swimming through the aftermath. A thorough knowledge of the codes is essential in order to avoid confusion over patient visits, refraction and other services rendered. Being familiar with the modifiers will ensure fuller reimbursement with lower rate of rejections that have a discrepancy with the services rendered and modifiers indicated.

With an intention to guide Optometrists and Optometry students wade through the rough waters, MBC has launched an optometry eBook which gives you a thorough understanding of billing and coding along with strategies to deal with challenges in Optometry.

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