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Do You Really Think That In-house Hospital Billing Staff Can Successfully Deal With Previous AR issues?

Each year the physicians in the USA lose thousands of bucks in the form of bad errors. These so-called bad errors are “Account Receivables” that have exceeded the acceptable time limit and seems impossible for further follow-ups.

Once these “AR” procedures stay on for more than 120 days, it makes it tough for a practitioner to claim which gets eventually counted as a financial loss. One requires having devoted in-house medical billing professionals to keep a tab on such activities.

Medical Billing Procedures Are More Than Important Ever

One of the reasons straight answers are hard to come by is many staff members that are responsible to manage accounts receivables don’t know the relevant benchmarks to use the measuring performance. No wonder physicians are found to be frustrated and skeptical.

A physician’s internal medical billing acts like a backbone to its practice. You can rely on the staff till a certain extent, however; the majority of the situation that has been witnessed has come into the limelight that they are incompetent when it comes to analyzing the reasons behind things like:

  • Pending reimbursements
  • Speed up the realization of the claims
  • Device strategies to reduce AR days

The above-mentioned are the primary “AR” tasks and there is more to it that determines the health care provider’s financial progress. Hence it is important that if you are having an in-house medical billing staff they are upgraded with the latest coding standards and reforms.

Therefore, outsourcing medical billing services that include AR management services seem to be a wise idea that not only avoids future errors but boost your financial growth.

Sourcing Medical Billing Services

When the economy is in a delicate state, not only the health care provider’s patients have affected but their private practices too.

With the changing of new coding standards and new reforms coming into being, medical practitioners are fraught in implementing the same.  With the burden of knowledge so weighing down, they are losing hundreds of dollars due to denials, underpayments, and ignored claims.

Hiring a 3rd party that holds a complete responsibility of your AR will be an effective way to increase the cash inflow again.

  • Employing an in-house staff for medical billing can be expensive. Even to hire just one new person, a medical practitioner has to think about the costs of training, salary, benefits, and taxes, as well as compensation, etc. Using an outsourced billing service removes the headache of training and familiarizing staff with your billing software, procedures, coding, etc. A billing service has already trained professionals, who only make money when you do.
  • The amount of time doctors and nurses spend on billing and staffing concerns can be decreased. This frees up the time which can be used to take care of the patients; which is what their goal is all about.
  • Outsourced billing companies are experts in billing and coding expertise, and equipped with required resources.
  • Even though you are still stuck with handling billing, an outside service provider can aid you by offering software like practice management, EMR Electronic
    & packaged billing.
  • Certified medical billing companies are compliant with the state-of-the-art health care laws, like Health Care Reform bill & HIPAA therefore; your in-house staff can rest assured that the law is being followed

Having an AR management service provider on-board will be the best decision you will never regret. You being care health care provider should not be distracted from your focus & clinical excellence. They promise to keep your clinical focus intact with some of the best analysis backed AR solutions. Also, you can also get them customized exclusively as per your practice needs.


Medical Billers and Coders

Catering to more than 40 specialties, Medical Billers and Coders (MBC) is proficient in handling services that range from revenue cycle management to ICD-10 testing solutions. The main goal of our organization is to assist physicians looking for billers and coders, at the same time help billing specialists looking for jobs, reach the right place.

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