Effective Patient Care versus Revenue Cycle Management: Physicians Perform a Balancing Act

Physicians in the U.S., despite ranking high for their medical competence, have never been able to fully realize and optimize their medical bill reimbursements owing to an increasingly complex health insurance system that has been constantly evolving, and characterized by:

    • HIPAA Compliant Medical Reporting
    • Stringent Billing and Coding Regimen
    • Technological Interface for Electronic Billing and Coding
    • Multiple-payer Health Care System, both Private Insurance Plans, and Federal Health Plans such as Medicare and Medicaid.
      • Patient Enrollment
      • Scheduling
      • Insurance Verification
      • Insurance Authorizations
      • Scheduling and Re-scheduling
      • Coding
      • Billing and Reconciling of Accounts
      • Collections
      • AR Collections
      • Denial Management & Appeals

 Physicians, whose core concern being the elevation of medical care in congruence with the ever evolving global competitive benchmark, have reported medical billing management to be an undesirable diversion that can negatively impact their medical efficiency. Experimentation with in-house medical billing practice has not been encouraging either – with in-house staff reporting it to be detrimental to their core function of supportive medical care, or underperforming despite heavy investment on training and system-implementation. Consequently, physicians – with no avail but to practice medical billing somehow – have inevitably been driven to seek professional help in medical billing from medical billing specialists.

Experience has shown that successful medical billing has followed the dictum of perpetual reinvention in tune with stringent compliant standard (coding compliance), privacy compliance regimen (as per HIPAA), and ever advancing technological platforms for billing management cycle – all of which have contributed to an imposing environment that demands a highly qualified, experienced and dynamic team of medical billers, who along with a comprehensive knowledge of billing, are adept at conducting medical billing management in a sequential manner:

Consequently, physicians’ search for comprehensive medical billing service has led them to leading medical billing specialists, such as Medicalbillersandcoders.com – the largest consortium of medical billing professionals, who are adept at accurate charge-capture, intricate procedure coding, electronic filing of claims, patient billing, multi-tiered appeal process, denial elimination initiatives, and compliance standards.

Carrying impeccable qualifications – certified by the American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC); proficient in using advanced medical billing software such as Lytec, Medic, Misys, Medisoft, NextGen, IDX, etc., and latest coding softwares such as EncoderPro, FLashcode and CodeLink, these medical billing specialist help physicians to streamline their current operations.

Expert at applying standard CPT, HCPCS procedure and supply codes, and ICD-9-CM diagnosis; HIPAA compliant medical reporting; and an impressive track-record of maximizing reimbursement of medical bills with the leading private insurance carriers such as United health , Wellpoint, Aetna, Humana, HCSC, Blue Cross Group, and Government sponsored Medicare and Medicaid as well – our medical billing experts ensure simplification of your revenue cycle, appreciable increase in collection rates and operational margins, more patient inflow and referrals, and Increased avenue for medical research and development.

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