Enhance Cardiology Billing Process with EMR & EHR Implementation

Cardiologists Surviving Business Challenges with a Specialized Medical Billing ServiceCardiology is one of the largest and most complex areas in healthcare, targeted heavily by EHR vendors. Since paper charts are time-consuming and prone to errors, cardiologists have started realized the benefits of implementing EHR/EMR.

Cardiology-specific EMR software and medical billing systems not only help practices achieve financial and operational competencies but they are also of great help in diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart defects, heart failure, coronary artery disease, electrophysiology and valvular heart diseases.

Why implement EHR/EMR for your cardiology practice?

  • With quality EHR software, cardiologists can improve efficiency at their practice. They can use the software to reduce errors, allowing quick
    and easy entry of lab and test results. Any issue with unreadable and illegible text can also be prevented with an effective EHR
  • Cardiology practices can improve patient care through EMR features that can be used to stay informed of up-coming preventive care for patients.
    Physicians can use the software to review the visitation history of a patient and track patient progress, follow-up appointments and data related
    to patient compliance
  • Reimbursement of cardiology practices can also be enhanced with EMR as it helps physicians manage and evaluate documentation accuracy
  • Space occupied by paper records can be cleared up with EMR software. It will also reduce transcription costs and malpractice insurance as audit trails and documentation will improve due to the effective use of EHR

Currently, cardiology practices are dealing with various procedures and complex cardiology billing codes. This has made it difficult for providers to ensure timely cardiology billing, resubmission of bills or to turn around denials without effective EMR software. As the government is offering stimulus money for implementing EMR, cardiology practices are facing trouble in selecting and buying the right software amidst constraint of time and money.

By 2015, cardiology practices will have to fully comply with Meaningful Use standards to obtain $44,000 incentive or else they will have to face penalties. In order to meet expectations and comply with the MU standards, practices will have to upgrade their EMR/EHR software. However, due to constraint of time and money, cardiology practices are finding it difficult to streamline scheduling and revenue cycle management to create a platform to demonstrate MU through effective EHR/EMR implementation.

This is the reason why many cardiologists are outsourcing their billing and coding requirements to a third party.

Medicalbillersandcoders.com is the largest consortium of billers and coders that has been guiding cardiology practices in successful implementation of EHR/EMR. We offer services of a certified billing team with EHR consultancy to meet the unique needs of cardiologists. MBC has alliance with leading EHR software vendors who can help you implement the system in a successful manner for timely reimbursements, increased patient satisfaction and enhanced productivity.

Cardiologists are facing increased pressure to demonstrate improved quality of care; therefore, you can rely on our well-trained team to guide you on handling your EHR effectively; plus taking care of your cardiology billing requirements which gives you ample time for patient care.