How To Explore Untapped Potential Of Your Practice?

Today, the majority of deaths worldwide are due to four noncommunicable diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and respiratory diseases; most of these deaths are potentially preventable.

Four sets of behaviors contribute to the high and growing burden of noncommunicable disease: consumption of tobacco, alcohol, and highly processed foods, as well as physical inactivity. In the United States, most of these behaviors are more common in those who are poor, thereby contributing to the large and growing gap between the rich and the poor in premature mortality and years lived without disease or disability.

Analytics Has The Potential To Explore Your Practice

Instead of collecting and analyzing massive amounts of data at one time, streaming analytics enables you to pull information from each piece of data moving through the data warehouse in near real time. The end result is data can be consumed as it streams in, as opposed to consumed in large batches.

If health systems are able to collect the individual streams of data generated by IoT connected devices, they will be able to better connect with patients in real time. There may be 9 billion connected devices by 2020, many of them health devices from respiratory monitors to smartphones that will collect huge amounts of patient data. Embedding analytics is one of the most important things to think about when building an analytics strategy. Embedding analytics means taking analytic insights and inserting them into the actual workflow of health systems. This way, the data insights become actionable.

Steaming analytics opens the opportunity for health systems to create actionable insights about the patient data, enabling personalized patient communication. When the healthcare industry is able to connect data analytics to their workflows, patient outcomes will improve and health organizations ROI increases.

Exploring Potential Online

When potential patients do not have a recommendation from family or friends on what healthcare professional to use, they typically turn to conducting their own research online. This could entail using anything from the search engines to social media as long as the information they find is trustworthy and extensive.

Ensuring your practice is listed everywhere that potential patients are searching for your services online is the key to driving more traffic to your web properties and therefore, more foot traffic to your practice.

70% of consumers say that feedback about a product or service they find online is the no. 2 factor in deciding whether or not to do business with that practice. It is time to ensure your practice is listed in the right places with the most updated, compelling information about your services.

Let You Patients Market Your Practice

Word of mouth marketing is one of the most powerful techniques for building your network of patients overtime, but how can you help your patients build your network for you?

Empower your customers to reflect on their experience with your practice by sending online surveys to them after their visit or by having a feedback form on your website. By taking your patients feedback into consideration you are helping them become a part of the development of your organization, making them feel involved and that their feedback is being heard.

By making reasonable changes to your practice based on this feedback it will help improve the experience at your office for your patients, making them more vocal about their opinions of your services.

Create video testimonials of your patient success stories from your most vocal supporters to use on your website. Allowing your patients to sing your praises is a more authentic and successful approach then writing your own marketing messages. Lastly, create a customer referral program that incentives your existing patients to think of your practice and recommend it to friends, family and acquaintances.

Call out this referral program on your website clearly to let your patients know this is a program they can take advantage of.