Flexible Work Hours, Employment Options and Career Growth for Medical Billers and Coders

Various options in Medical billing and coding jobs provide ideal opportunities to billers and coders to choose from an array of different types of work environments giving them several opportunities along with flexibility in the rapidly growing health care field. According to a study by the American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC) to determine the types of environments in which medical billers and coders worked, stated most medical billers and coders work in:

Physicians’ offices 49.2%
Billing companies 11.8%
Outpatient hospitals 9.8%

Medical Billing and Coding Work Environment & Employment Situations

The report depicted that – 68% of medical billers and coders were paid by the hour, while 32% were on salary. Moreover 84.6% worked full-time, while 11.9% of medical billers and coders work flex-time and 3.5% work part-time.

  • 7194 from 7898 (91%) respondents agreed accuracy determined the value of a medical biller and coder to their manager, while the remaining 9% disagreed
  • 6476 from 7898 (82%) respondents agreed their managers would determine their value based on productivity, while the remaining 18% disagreed

Giving an insight that on average, accuracy is slightly more valuable than productivity to an employer and overall depicting medical billers and coders are expected to efficiently produce accurate work.

Growth & Profitability in varied environments

Careers in Medical Billing and Coding is highly promising providing flexibility, growth and profitability in varied work environments – from home, a medical billing company or working from home in medical billing jobs with larger health care firms that make and track medical billing work assignments electronically. One of the reasons for the growth in varied environments is the wide availability of online training in medical billing and medical billing software.

Health care and in turn medical billing and coding has grown with the scope of health information management over the past five years and besides being restricted to only the doctor’s office the scope of medical billing has now grown to hospitals, pharmacies, nursing homes, mental healthcare facilities, rehabilitation centers, insurance companies, health maintenance organizations (HMOs), consulting firms, the government and health data organizations.

Moreover to combat the increasing shortage of medical billers and coders across US states one of the new techniques evolved include contract services. Contract coding companies have emerged as a trend and have become nearly a $5 billion dollar business and are now helping many hospitals in US states to increase their revenue by almost 50%. Due to outsourcing hospitals and physician revenues are rising and in turn coders salaries too are increasing as they can earn 20 to 25% more than what is offered at most hospitals. Medicialbillersandcoders.com experts fulfill this need as key players in the healthcare workplace to deliver quality healthcare by capturing accurate and timely medical data. Our Coding professionals possess a thorough understanding of the health record’s content we have thousands of medical billers and our certified medical coders are trained to understand the procedures to be coded.