Gauging your Medical Billing Company on ICD-10 compliant resource-capability

“As much as the intrinsic competencies of your medical billing companies, their ability to advise on EHR/EMR implementation for efficient clinical and operational management  should equally hold prominence. As HIPAA 5010 compliant EHR/EMR is the prerequisite to medical billing under ICD-10 system, your practices needs to be equipped with EHR/EMR that meets HIPPA 5010 standards both as a compliant measure as well as qualifying measure for incentives under Meaningful Use Criterion.”

Physician practices, clinics, and hospitals, who hitherto have been safely entrusting all their billing operations to their respective outsource providers, will soon have to run a reality check of the level of preparedness that their medical billing service providers possess or likely to possess in congruence with the ensuing ICD-10 – going to be operational from October 1, 2013. Although most of the medical billing companies are mindful of the efficacy to be resourceful with ICD-10 medical billing management requisites – as they themselves will not be able to operate with ICD-9 compliant practices, which are soon going to be obsolete – yet it is a kind of reassuring exercise that your medical billing reimbursements are channelized through incredible and safe hands.

Now, having been convinced of the efficacy of running a reality check of either your current or prospective medical billing companies, it is quite natural to be inquisitive of the nature and extent of such reality check. Primarily you need satisfy yourself whether the service provider is self-sufficient in resources – both human as well as technological – that render medical billing management possible in the ICD-10 compliant environment. Notwithstanding other things like credibility in the industry, composition of clients, and experience as a medical billing company, it is this resource capability for ICD-10 compliant medical billing that holds the key to your delay-free and denial-free medical reimbursements of your medical claims for clinical services rendered to the Medicare or private insurance beneficiaries. And, when you consider how vigilant and stringent health insurance carriers are becoming, your medical billing service providers’ ICD-10 compliant competencies assume ever more significance.

When it comes to gauging your medical biller’s human competencies, it is necessary that professionals are trained in ICD-10-CM Implementation Training, ICD-10-CM Anatomy and Pathophysiology, ICD-10-CM Code Set, and ICD-10-CM Specialty Code Set. Further, along with a knowledge background, they need necessarily hold qualifying certificates from authorizing agencies that confer professional certification in ICD-10 compliant billing and coding –  AAPC (American Association for Professional Coders) and American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) happen to be the competent agencies in the U.S.