Gear Up For Cardiology Coding Guidelines 2021

You’d be facing e a whole slew of cardiology coding and reimbursement changes in 2021 – and if the preview of the ICD-10-CM updates has given you the clue of the awaiting changes, you should know that there are a lot of new, deleted, and revised codes to know.

CMS is proposing huge changes for E&M codes that impact your reimbursement and documentation – get the tools to be well-informed for the coming year.

With new ICD-10-CM codes for 2021 coming your way, MBC has tried its best to dive into the details.

In the past, we have seen a great deal of ICD-10 code updates; specifically speaking about 450+ code changes along with 320 new additions, 172 coding revisions, and 48 codes converted to their respective parent code.

The notable add-ons include new codes to define misuse of children and adults and to address the increase in human trafficking cases, as well as new codes that expand the T81.4- sub-category for infected surgical wounds which will be accommodating in reporting the depth of infection.

The New Cardiology Code Updates For 2021

However; there were minimal changes affecting cardiology, it’s always advisable to review changes relevant to your cardiology specialty.

Cerebral Infarction Additions

Category I63- Cerebral infarction will be the one added to the below-mentioned codes:

  • I63.81 — Other cerebral infarction due to occlusion or stenosis of the small artery. This code will also include lacunar infarction.
  • I63.89 — Other c000erebral infarction

The New Subcategory Under Category I67-

Category I67- Other cerebrovascular diseases will add the new subcategory I67.85- which is Hereditary cerebrovascular diseases to your coding arsenal.

Under this subcategory, below mentioned are the new codes:

  • I67.850 — Cerebral autosomal dominant arteriopathy with subcortical infarcts and leukoencephalopathy. This diagnosis will also include CADASIL.
  • I67.858 — Other hereditary cerebrovascular diseases

Under I67.850 i.e. other cerebrovascular diseases there’s a new code which instructs you to report any associated diagnoses. This includes epilepsy and recurrent seizures G40 -; cerebral infarction I63.-; and vascular dementia F01.-.

Some of the New Miscellaneous Cardiology Code Revisions

  • I22.8

Subsequent posterior true transmural Q wave myocardial infarction

  • T46.4X

Angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibitors

  • T81.11

Post-procedural cardiogenic shock

  • T81.11XA

Post-procedural cardiogenic shock, initial encounter

  • T81.11XD

Post-procedural cardiogenic shock, subsequent encounter

  • T81.11XS — Post-procedural cardiogenic shock, the sequel

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