Healthcare Systems Adopt Trend of Outsourcing in the New Era of Value-Based Care

In the time when both, federal and provincial healthcare quality initiatives have come up with healthcare reforms, thus making EHR mandatory in order to avail the incentives under ARRA, the compliance with Medicare Medical Billing norms, demand of documentation under Medicare’s Accountable Care Organisation (ACO) model and the transition of both ICD 10 and HIPAA 5010, health care documenting in healthcare would probably never be the same. Though these reforms have been introduced with the sole aim of increasing the clinical and operational efficiency in healthcare organizations, the physicians have a lot to cope up with and this can hinder them from focusing in their function of providing medical services.

In the era of value based care, physicians find it tough and time consuming to balance administrative along with their prime function of patient care on their own. Outsourcing the administrative processes which needs expertise and resources is significantly more appropriate approach when these aren’t available in house. Health care organizations and physicians are increasingly seeking contractors for services like billing, coding, medical staffing and information technology services in order to bridge the gap. The companies providing these services have no doubt proved to be beneficial for the growth of its clients. Moreover, it has been found that the growth in outsourcing between the 2010 and 2011 was reported to be around 13.1% with 20 outsourcing firms which served 16,463 clients.

Benefit of Outsourcing

Partnering with an outsourcing firm has brought more technology and expertise in the industry, thus expanding the job options in the field, along with helping physicians extract most of the money for the services they deliver.  Contrary to the popular belief that the small healthcare firms do not need outsourcing, truth is small facilities too are finding it beneficial to outsource as they adopt electronic billing and EMR implementation along other reforms in the new era of value-based care.

Outsourcing the task of medical billing relieves the medical professional from various administrative tasks. The health care organization can be saved from a few issues which are unavoidable like:

  • Staff retention: with the outsourcing process, healthcare organization need not worry about recruiting, managing & retaining billing staff and training new billing staff  when old staff retires or moves on, hence helping in smooth functioning of the billing process
  • Billing possible on all days: with in-house billing there is complete dependency on fixed staff members and in case of absence of any of the staff members or any holiday, the billing process is kept on hold, but with outsourcing this headache is eliminated ensuring on-going billing process throughout the year

Outsourcing can make your office run more efficiently and systematically with small investments which although go unnoticed, but are considerable in total like postage charges and telephone bills also reduce. Added costs for labour, office system and other operational expenses are also reduced considerably. Furthermore a better turnaround time with better revenue cycle is guaranteed along with improved collection rate on an average of nearly 20%. the biggest consortium of billing and coding experts, has been assisting medical practitioners and health care workers for over a decade now towards betterment of revenue cycle and management of administrative tasks. Our billing and coding experts are also constantly trained and updated with the latest reforms, thus rendering the clients stress free and relaxed as far as revenue is concerned.

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