Hospitalists Registered a Pay Increase in 2010

The year 2010 has registered a hike in the median compensation for Hospitalists. The Hospitalists in adult medicine saw their compensation increase 2.6% to $220,619 from $215,000 while the Pediatric Hospitalists‘ pay rose by 7.2% to $171,617.

The report, which is based on MGMA survey information, takes into account data from 4,633 hospitalists in 412 groups and 726 academic hospitalists in 68 academic medicine practices. The pay also varied region-wise; the median compensation for southern hospitalists was higher as compared to west, Midwest and eastern region, that is, $235,701, $231,831, $211,751, and $205,000 respectively.

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One of the reasons for the hike in compensation is the increase in hospitalist productivity; hospitalists are being recognized for their value in other arenas, as it relates to the transition from the fee-for-service to pay-for-value-type models, championing effective transitions of care, leading process improvement teams, etc. Another reason for the rising trend in pay is the fact that the demand for hospitalists has exceeded the supply.

Another potentially significant variable that could strongly impact the future trends in the Hospitalists’ salary is the drastic healthcare reforms and regulations sweeping the industry.

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