How can Good Customer Service change the Face of Your Practice?

In the overall business world, there is a very popular phrase that goes like “it costs five times more to attract new consumers than to retain the old ones.” This very phrase stands applicable in the physician business as well, where good customer service in the form of right treatment, hospitality, patient satisfaction, and proper medical billing and coding stands vital.

Eight good customer service habits:

  1. Ensure each one of your employees is fit for making a decent first impression. This is significantly more critical for the front office employees in charge of welcoming the patients either over the phone or when they visit the doctor’s facility.
  2. Stay faithful to your promises. If you or your staff says “I will get back with you today” do it. Regardless of the possibility that you don’t have the appropriate response, a quick ring to tell them you are still working with it is always a very good customer service practice. Always be truthful with your responsibilities, regardless of how small they are.
  3. Exhibit gratitude and appreciation to your patients. Thank all your patients in a meaningful and thoughtful manner every time they visit your facility. It is not that hard just say thank you and smile.
  4. Prepare solid training ground. Awesome customer service is not just pleasing the patients but is much more than what you imagine. It will be very beneficial if a practitioner before starting to attend patients provides the in-house staff with solid ground training and follow it up with practical lessons of attending the patients.
  5. Listen and act when your patients grumble. Manage each complaint, as dissensions can be chances to fabricate a lifetime of dependability from a patient. Ensure that you listen to their grievance, check the validity, make a move to resolve it, and afterward let the patient know how it was settled. For eg., there might be an issue that the patients’ medical billing that is wrongly calculated and it is your accounts department who has to look into that as soon as possible.
  6. Go well beyond what your patients anticipate. It is better if you over the board to help patients and satisfy their queries. Ensure you are addressing your patient’s needs, and then attempt to surpass them by giving careful consideration to everything about the delivery of your administrations.
  7. Make it simple for the patients. Make the patient experience in your office as simple as possible, with minimal wait times, maximum comfort, while providing beverages like espresso/tea/water when possible. Additionally consider the patient’s flow through the center to ensure they have easy navigation through the facility.
  8. If mistakes are made, admit them. Forgot to get back to a patient? Overbooked the clinic? Be straightforward and apologize, and offer options to repair the issue.

If your in-house staff follows the above-mentioned activities, your facility and practice will witness an upsurging success. Do remember that you and your staff ought to do these things consistently to make the patients that visit your center feel that they have settled on the correct decision, and set yourself apart from other physician facilities. This makes your patients feel like you are all on the same team, are more apt to send referrals, and more willing to make sure you are paid for the time and effort you have spent on their care.

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