How Can Streamlined Billing Reduce Underpayment for OB GYN Practice?

OB GYN medical billing

OB GYN practices are comprised of gynecologists and obstetricians and this creates room for unusual billing errors.

  • In comparison to typical medical billing, underpayment is more common in OB GYN practices. This is due to the rules that surround multi-procedures. If follow-up is not done for underpayments, practices can lose a lot of revenue
  • Another major OB GYN medical billing challenge faced by providers is of broken global which occurs when a new payer or practice is acquired by a pregnant patient. In such cases, it becomes vital for billers to be well versed with insurance policies related to broken global because each insurance carrier has its own procedures and policies
  • Patient collection process is quite complicated for OB GYN practices due to large patient balances. If the biller doesn’t have a good understanding of the complex procedures/EOBs, it will be difficult to explain it to the patients as well
  • At times, multiple surgeries are done in an OB GYN practice and each surgery needs to be billed separately. If the billers are not well-trained, they cannot generate maximum reimbursement for the services offered

Underpayments are a major issue for OB GYN practices and the complications sometimes exceed the capacity of the billing software used by a medical practice. If your practice is facing

the same issue then it is a critical failing because tackling underpayments can increase the collection of your OB GYN practice by 7-10%.

How can streamlining medical billing services reduce underpayment?

With rising costs and shrinking margins, it has become important for OB GYN practices to collect every dollar owed. Since the number of patients is rising, physicians are left with very less time to concentrate on ways to tackle underpayments. In such cases, hiring a billing partner seems to be a feasible option as they have a proficient team of coders and billers who are familiar with the terminologies and procedures used.

This eliminates the headache to hire or train billers who have the required skills for tackling complexities such as global billing, postpartum care billing, modifier usage, complicated surgeries billing and other new billing technologies. As a well-trained team will be focusing entirely on OB GYN billing, providers won’t have to worry about underpayment issues.

A billing partner will not just guide your practice through the processes of OB GYN medical billing but also handle tasks related to coding, follow-ups with insurance companies, adherence to HIPAA and other compliance.

Billing partners such as have been providing billing solutions to OB GYN practices across 50 states in the US. The team at MBC has the required skill set and OB GYN medical billing tools to help practices solve the issue of underpayment and obtain maximum revenue. Our coders are up to date with new, revised CPT codes, E&M codes and modifier codes for OB GYN billing and well-educated in different billing procedures. We also offer individualized consultation services upon request to clients.