How much salary can Medical Coders expect in New Mexico?

  • The New Mexico state government has introduced an incentive program where healthcare providers will be rewarded for moving their data operations to an electronic platform to be HIPPA complaint
  • Chronic diseases and conditions prevalent in New Mexico have led to an increase in consumption of healthcare services like laboratory studies, radiologic imaging, oncology treatment and other specialties

These two seemingly disconnected developments, one relating to insurance compliance and another core care, have collectively made New Mexico a state highly in demand by medical billing and coding professional to be in for job and career opportunities.

This increase in demand of medical billers and coders in New Mexico is apparently a matter of concern for the state as despite being a fairly large state, New Mexico has only about 1290 medical billers and coders, reports a survey.

  • The average billing and coding salary in New Mexico is about $32,070
  • A professional with about 10 years of experience in billing and coding can command around $45,740

Moreover, a new billing and coding professional in New Mexico can expect his/her salary to span from $10.59 to $14.33 per hour.

Medical billers and coders in New Mexico and surrounding states are experiencing an increase in demand of billers and coders triggered by HIPPA and a climb in chronic diseases. Moreover fees of billers and coders in all states are souring with ICD-10 implementation on everyone’s mind, and states like New Mexico, Arizona, Tennessee, Michigan and Idaho experiencing minimum 20- 22 percent hike in their hourly rates.

Medical coders trained and certified in the methodologies of coding and familiar with the current software platforms required for compliance can make use of this industry trend in New Mexico, which many recruiters and industry insiders believe is an opportunity of the kind which comes once in long passage of time sometimes covering a lifespan of a career or two.

Present in all 50 US states and in New Mexico for over 10 years now, MBC can help meet this industry need with a team of highly trained in-house and outhouse billers and coders who have sound familiarity with New Mexico specific regulations.

MBC can further help meet this industry need by bringing care providers and billers and coders together through the MBC’s job board which is successfully catering to provider and biller needs across the US and in this way helping billers and coders to access job opportunities available in New Mexico and care providers to post their requirements.