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How Providers can improve telehealth for COVID-19?

Healthcare providers implemented telehealth for COVID-19 pandemic widely in the US. According to 2019 Health Center Program Data, 43% of health centers were capable of providing telemedicine (it is a part of telehealth), compared with 95% of the health centers that reported using telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic. While the largest increase in the use of telehealth was reported in April 2020.

Healthcare providers are working day and night, consulting with each other on best practices, and taking action as fast as possible to improve telehealth for COVID-19. The use technology such as clinical decision support software during virtual care visits enhances aid in the diagnosis, guides therapeutic decision-making, and enhances patient engagement while helping to keep patients away from the acute care setting.

Let’s look at various steps that are crucial for providers to improve telehealth for COVID-19:

Technology Check

Make sure your camera and microphone are in good working order. Moreover, you need to verify that wireless quality and internet are adequate. Once you have ready with a technology check, you can offer a more personalized experience to the patients with individualized needs if any.

Patients individualized need

You need to check if the patient has a hearing impairment, perhaps they can use headphones to hear your voice amplified. For some patients with cognitive impairments, a family caregiver may be able to help orient them to communicating with their clinician via video.

The above two steps are crucial before the visit.

Let’s understand some new strategies that physicians should opt to enhance telehealth for COVID-19:

Communication is Key

Communication is the best way to aware your patients regarding any care services hence providers need to focus on communicating messages with a digital platform. You can create COVID-19 messaging and offer the option for your patients to sign up for COVID-19 information from your practice.

Your practice’s digital patient engagement platform can make various COVID-19 resources easily accessible. Moreover, if your practice is involved in the testing of COVID-19, then you should communicate it clearly that how should it work?

Understand your patient

You should know certain information about your patient’s health prior to a telehealth visit. Especially when it comes to COVID-19, Ask about symptoms, how long they have had symptoms and if they are taking any OTCs.

With the help of this information, you can easily decide if the patient needs to follow up in person or take the COVID-19 test. Moreover, you can collect information regarding personal health, and health insurance information if patients haven’t visited your practice before.

If you set these standards before carrying out any telehealth visit, you can easily move forward and offer best-suited care to patients.

Following Up with your patient’s

Regular follow-ups after your patient’s visit help you to build a special bond with your patients. Moreover, you can check in how they are doing. However, with the busy routine that every physician have, it seems impossible. A digital patient engagement tool can bridge the gap by sending messages using psychographic preferences and preferred communication methods.

The commenting on the future of telehealth is hard to predict however by looking at its benefits and potential uses it is reasonable to expect that telehealth will continue beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. New strategies will evolve and providers can improve telehealth for COVID-19 as time passes. If you are struggling with telehealth reimbursement we can help. We are experts in medical billing and coding.


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