How to Encourage Patients to Use Patient Portals?

A patient portal is a website which offers patients convenient, 24 by 7 access to personal health information irrespective geographic location with an Internet connection. Patient portals have various features like patients can conveniently access appointment requests, get to know the authentic information about diseases, etc. This portals save patient’s time and encourage ongoing participation in their care.

When it comes to practices, they are getting benefited by patient awareness, optimizing the time of the staff spent on the phone,  encouraging compliance of care-plan, and supporting improved health outcomes overall.

Hence we can say that patient portals can be a win-win situation for both:

How to increase the adoption of patient portals?

As we already read various benefits of patient’s portals but it is necessary for physicians to encourage their patients to use these portals hence here are some engagement strategies which help to encourage patients to use patient portals.

  • Use various online promotion methods to promote the portal

By using social media for example posting to your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles about portal benefits such as vaccine information, patient educational resources, prescription refills, appointment requests, and more.

You can directly provide a portal link to a website that helps patients navigate directly to the portal without having to remember a separate Web address.

  • Fill customized information to each patient’s needs in your patient portal

There are more chances of using your patient portal if it’s filled with useful tools and valuable information that’s specific to their conditions and needs. There is no authenticity of information found on the web hence instead of searching the web for information of questionable quality patients will know any information in the portal is authorized from the practitioners.

  • Improve the care with patient’s portal

Patient portals offer the most convenient way for patients to schedule their office or telehealth appointments, even if the office is closed. Moreover, Portals can remind patients of annual physicals, important prevention screenings, and vaccinations.

  • Implement Your Portal Systematically

When you are planning the launch and implementation process, you should consider various factors such as your practice’s resources, priorities, and culture. This will help build confidence and acceptance of the portal among clinicians, staff, and patients with minimal resistance.

  • Involve entire office staff to promote the patient portal

Patients spend most of their time with healthcare staff such as receptionists, nurses, and medical assistants before they interact with doctors. Hence your staff members have a real opportunity to promote the patient portal throughout the patient’s visit.

Every staff member should make aware of the patient portal to patients, and elaborate on the portal’s benefits. Moreover, to simplify the portal registration process, staff should assist patients with the process, and consider providing a registration kiosk in the office.

  • Offer incentives to patients and staff

The incentive is likely to attract more patients to use patient portals. Hence you can Offer an incentive for patient registration, such as entering the patient’s name in a drawing for a prize (such as a restaurant gift card) or offering an incentive (such as waived co-pay).

Hence after discussing various strategies we can conclude that you can augment your engagement among your patients with the help of Patient portals. However, technology illiteracy can be a big hurdle for adoption.

Fortunately, physicians can use various marketing methods which enables the creation of tailored messages to appeal to patients’ thought processes and can help them understand how the portal can benefit them.

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