How to Get Medical Billing Specialists for Free

Nowadays, with the increase in demand for medical billing service many people are entering the medical billing and coding business to offer their services and seek a rewarding career in healthcare. But not every biller is right for your practice, the job of finding the right medical biller for practices can be a difficult task and the cost involved can be quiet high. You can evaluate your options with the consortium with its reach in all the fifty states of the United States . This association has categorized Medical Billers by number of years of experience, specialty, software and location. These expert billers have specially come together to help you:

1. Save Time:

The first thing a biller can help you out is to save time. These billers have come together to shorten the time you spend in selecting them. One of the key benefits of hiring our billers from is quick turnaround time. As a matter of fact it has become the habit of these billers to surpass their turnaround time by streamlining their methods and increasing their efficiency.

2. Increase Your Reimbursement:

The medical billers and coders from have a proven track record of increasing clients’ reimbursements. They are updated about the usage of ICD-9 as well as CPT codes and assure correct data entry by assisting in the collection of proper patient demographics. Their orientation to detail is outstanding owing to their billing experience of many years; they even recognize problems and resolve them independently.

3. Claims Set-up:

Medical billing specialists of administer strict quality measures. Manual check as well as random quality audit with the usage of statistical data is carried out to ensure hundred percent clean claims submission during the first time. They submit claims to clearing houses in order to ensure 100 % accuracy. They even cater to paper based claims and gradually help practices set up electronic submissions, reducing submission time to the same day.

4. HIPAA Compliance:

Understanding HIPAA rules and regulations and how it applies to the providers’ office, patients, government agencies, insurance carriers as well as billing policies is of top priority for our medical billers. They are legally responsible and assist physicians to surpass guidelines and secure their data.

5. Providers’ Control over Billing:

Providers may ask if they have control over their billing. Their worries are being put to rest since they always have total control over their billing. Checks as well EOBs are sent directly to the providers’ offices and at the same time having a 24/7 access to the status of their claims. Specifically printed reports are provided to physicians weekly and monthly to keep them updated financially.

All these factors make our medical billing specialists the preferred choice in the industry. This consortium is a welcome step for the physicians since they can locate medical billers and coders within their city or state with experience in varying specialties and knowledge of software. And the process of matching the right resource to the right physician office, costs nothing. Yes, you heard it right. This consortium can help you to find the best medical billers and coders in the entire United States for free.

You can simply visit the website, find the appropriate Medical Biller in your area and specialty, then dial the toll free number of the consortium or fill out a form asking for certain requirements. And get connected to the biller of your choice, either in your office, home-based or from a professional medical billing service.