How to Improve Medical Practice Collection and Decrease Account Receivable Days

How to Improve Medical Practice Collection and Decrease Account Receivable DaysRevenue cycle management is one of the key requirements for improving and properly managing the medical practice collection. Apart from adopting different ways to decrease the accounts receivables days and improving medical practice collection, creating medical billing reports and understanding the general rules pertaining to the process of billing and account receivables are also imperative. These reports give a lucid view of how a medical practice is performing on vital revenue cycle metrics, how well are the physicians being paid by the insurance carriers for the key procedures, and whether the claims are being paid in a time-efficient ways.

Here are some vital reports which you must indulge in creating and regularly running managing the accounts receivables:

Accounts Receivables Aging Reports

The Accounts Receivable Aging Report (AR aging report)is a great barometer for the determining the health of an average practice. By simply looking at this report, an experienced medical biller can tell you whether the billing department of the medical practice is doing a great job or not. This report breaks down the claims on the basis of the number of days they have been in the receivables, that is, the number of days they remained unpaid.

This report also aids in identifying the potential issues from a broader view, while the follow-up reports helps in presenting a close-up look about where the different issues might be stemming from.

Key Performance Indicators Report

The KPI (Key Performance Indicators) Report provides a broader view of the key areas in the revenue cycle management process of your practice, allowing the identification of the trends and changes, and spot the various potential problem areas. It is an extremely valuable report that helps you identify which CPT codes and encounters can be highly profitable for your business.

General Rule for Accounts Receivables regulations

As a general rule, it is said that the monthly Accounts Receivables must not exceed 1.5 times the monthly charges. Thus, it is a highly effective way for gauging how your billing company is performing and how it is operating. If you find that your accounts receivable exceed this calculation, it is the right time you execute a detail execution.The next area which you must look at is your Accounts Receivables organized by the insurance class. It is very important to see and check how you are being paid by the insurance companies, and if these timelines are exceeding than what you signed in the contract, it’s time to work out on this issue with the insurance companies.

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