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How to Increase Patients for Your Practice?

Affordable Care Act Enrollment states that since its conception, approximately 20 million uninsured Americans have opted for insurance coverage. This means that there are more people now, than ever before, who are on the lookout for good medical services by reputed practitioners. Further, this gives way to medical billing and revenue management services.

With a rise in hospitals and medical care facilities, it becomes essential for a doctor to try his own ways and means to attract potential clients.

By using these 5 methods, one can always be certain that he is on top of the game:

Presence on social media and websites:

Platforms like ZocDoc and other medical-services based websites go a long way in attracting -patients. As everything is digitalized these days, it does make sense to become a little tech-savvy. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow you to create a dedicated ‘page’ or account where you can update people about new medical technologies, medical billing streamlining and even some facts and interesting pieces of information about medical facilities or mediclaim. Alongside, also ensure that you take time out to reply to reviews, feedback, and queries posted by guests.

Follow-up appointments:

After chronic treatment, scheduling a simple follow-up appointment with your patient can go a long way. It shows that the doctor is concerned about the well-being of the patient and thus, speaks volumes. Some patients may even talk about it to their friends and family or perhaps, leave a positive review on your page, which earns you brownie points. Also, practitioners like dentists and dermatologists can advise patients to visit the practice for a check-up at least every 6 months depending on the seriousness of the issue.

Accept all types of insurance and make the process easy:

Though patients may have a very good experience at the clinic or hospital, inefficient claims management is something that often lacks. Make arrangements to cater to different types of mediclaim policies and also, appoint a good team that can simplify the process when the patient is being discharged.

Talk to the in-house staff:

Ensure you take some time out at least once a month to have a discussion with the in-house doctors, nurse, specialists and other staff involved in the front of the house. Encourage them to write down challenges and issues faced by them at the end of the day and then discuss and address these issues till you reach a day when there are no issues. It is only through communication and team work that even the most difficult of problems can be resolved.

Update regularly:

Be it new medicines, techniques or practices, ensure you stay on top of the game by keeping yourself and the hospital up-to-date. Many of these devices and equipment’s save costs by offering two or three different techniques in one and also attract younger patients.

Thus, medical practice can be taken a step further by using these simple methods. It is always critical to remember that it takes a lifetime to gain a patient but just a single second to lose him!


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