ICD10 – Funny Accidental Codes Part 2

ICD10 funny Codes

Do you know what happens when a patient walks in with an injury occurred at the beach or on a tennis court? Add to this the pain of going through billing their insurance. It is not every day that you would bump into a lighting pole or get bitten by a turtle. The new codes have afforded a good amount of humor by having numerous codes that are ridiculous but nevertheless save the pain of billing these patients when they do experience such funny accidents.

The introduction of the new ICD 10 codes which will be implemented come October 2015 intend on a smooth billing process and meticulously documenting the treatment provided. The detailing goes to the extent of mentioning the location, type and severity. The shift from almost 18000 codes to 140,000 codes would surely offer some hilarious ones too, for example- ICD 10 code for bitten by a dog, initial encounter is W54.0XXA. The overall aim of the new codes is to provide a sound healthcare with minimum stress of claims.

The new codes are full of surprises and the least you would expect is describing the venue of the injury, for example, injury at an art gallery or at an opera house. Likewise there are codes to identify the activity that patients were engaged in when they were hurt like knitting or crocheting. And saving the best for the last; a code that you may use as a last resort when the diagnosis, activity, venue etc fail you- code for bizarre personal appearance! When nothing else fits in, this code comes as a savior.

Thus no matter the injury, no matter the venue, the new ICD 10 codes have got you covered.