Impact of Telemedicine on Otolaryngology Practice

Telemedicine is a significant technological and business trend that is influencing medical practice marketing, patient engagement, and revenue. Advances in telemedicine technology have reduced operating costs with substantial savings for all types of organizations that utilize medical professionals in some capacity. As a medical professional, how can you benefit from the increased usage of telemedicine in the workplace today? The use of telemedicine in Otolaryngology practice will allow for after-hours care when it is convenient for both provider and patient.

Uses of Telemedicine on Otolaryngology

Telemedicine has been used in the field of otolaryngology since the early 1990s. Use has occurred primarily in those situations where there was a remote, isolated population to serve; a shortage or lack of availability of otolaryngologists; or, more recently, backlogs of patients needing otolaryngology care inadequately addressed by the existing delivery system.

Below Mentioned Are Some Of The Significant Impacts:

Improvised Patient Flow

When you find that your schedule is relatively light during the middle of the day, scheduling a number of telemedicine “check-in” appointments during that time can let you connect with patients in quick succession. Fast visits increase the number of patients seen in a day.

It Attracts New Patients

For a busy parent or for a patient who can’t seem to make time for an appointment due to their busy work schedule, Otolaryngology telemedicine allows them to interact with a trained physician more conveniently.

Not only can they minimize the disruption that a doctor’s visit adds to their day, but they are also more likely to address small or early indications of medical problems.

Increases Patient Loyalty

Urgent care Otolaryngology clinics and retail clinics offer convenient in-person options and online video visits through on-demand services are becoming increasingly popular. Patients choose these options because of scheduling flexibility, lower transportation costs, and less time away from work. By offering the option to get care from you via video, your patients get the convenience they want without sacrificing continuity of care.

Reduces Costly Cancellations

While it will never be able to completely eliminate no-shows from practice, it can help save thousands of dollars by reducing a fraction of patient no-shows.

Improves Revenue

Just because your practice is closed for the day doesn’t mean that you have to stop seeing patients.

These are just a few of the ways that telemedicine can transform your practice in ways that are great for you, your patients, and the bottom line. These advantages explain why video visits are rapidly moving from new and novel, to a standard method of care.

Overall, the general direction of medicine is seen as favorable to the use of Telemedicine. The aging U.S population means there will be more patients and fewer active physicians, which could mean the need for remote treatment options to cover larger areas of the country. If practices continue to consolidate, Telemedicine may become a viable option in suburban or smaller urban areas. It alleviates patient difficulties in accessing a practice that alone is a good enough reason to implement it.

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