Improve cash flow by outsourcing billing in Optometry

Is your optometry practice getting your money’s worth with your in-house billers? Choosing the best medical billing service is a daunting task – Someone that you can trust with your process claims. If you are considering outsourcing your medical billing, and are still not sure about making the leap, here are reasons why you should outsource your billing services to a professional service like MBC.

Advantage Of Outsourcing Optometry Billing:

You don’t have to do all that work

While you’re relaxing at home, a team like MBC is doing the hard work; completing eligibility and benefits verification, clearinghouse and payer rejections, billing, payment posting, and AR tasks.

It reduces insurance follow-ups

With denials and rejected claims, MBC’s team will be handling the stress of your insurance follow-ups. Your staff doesn’t have to wait around as they will be spending their time on more important things.

Streamlines your billing process

Outsourcing optometry billing services to an expert like MBC will greatly improve your daily operations, so you feel on top of things—not buried beneath an enormous pile of paperwork. With all that extra time, your practice priorities can be addressed and streamlined.

Pay more attention to your patients

When you aren’t buried under the constant demands of insurance verification and filing claims, you can improve patient care when they walk through the front door, and during their visit. Outsourcing optometry billing services to MBC will free up your time and energy, so you can welcome and appreciate the patients you serve.

Why You Should Outsource Optometry Billing To MBC?

Time is money. Optometry becoming one of the flourishing practices; now every hour of the day is valuable and the majority of that time needs to be spent on patient care. The truth is that you have other time-consuming tasks that distract you from providing quality patient care.

A common headache for many practices is optometry billing, which can quickly add up on the cost scale. When your staff is continually managing everyday billing tasks, like outstanding claims or insurance verification, they are dealing with complexities in between seeing patients that often cannot be solved quickly. These optometry billing issues start to compound, and soon your staff is buried under a pile of paperwork.

This team of MBC billing experts manages everything daily, so you and your staff can return to more important priorities. This improved process ultimately saves you time and money.

Ready to experience these advantages yourself? The MBC team will help you get started.