Improved and Advanced Billing Processes Help in Increasing Physicians’ Revenue

Medical practices and hospitals are required to deal with the challenging task of getting their due payments. The rules and procedures governing the payments have become increasingly complex and confusing, resulting in greater denials, lost claims or underpayments. Manual processes human errors and claims submission can be time consuming and slow down the claim process. Sophisticated electronic Medical Billing and Coding processes and advanced practice management software solutions can help improve the billing process and contribute towards increased physician revenue.

How do advanced billing processes help in improving revenue?

  • Accuracy:Research conducted in Medicare as well as Medicaid centers suggests that hospitals routinely experience revenue leakage due to lost or denied claims. Of the 30 percent lost or denied claims, approximately 60 percent are never resubmitted. Practices and hospitals also fail to collect approximately 18 percent of the claims. It is therefore extremely critical for hospitals to ensure accurate submission of claims in the first instance. Sophisticated billing processes and technological tools can help in identifying inherent reasons for denials. Specialized software can identify claims that may be denied and robust procedural rules can ensure scrubbing of the claims.
  • Faster collections and greater control: Sophisticated billing software is constantly updated and can also track denial trends to identify issues and improve the collection rates. Patient billing and Revenue Cycle Management Softwarecan also easily manage complex payer contracts so as to ensure accurate collections. The different software tools can also help in tracking of patient co pays as well as deductibles.
  • Improved collection with specific focus on accounts receivable management:The streamlined processes and advanced technological tools can ensure that practices achieve accuracy in billing and coding along with improved first time resolution rate. With faster and improved collections practices can concentrate on improving cash flow through aggressive follow-up on accounts receivables.
  • Improved practice management:Advanced software solutions also allow practices and hospitals to take benefit of customized reporting feature. This can allow practices and hospitals to get reports of specific data, carefully track payments and increase overall efficiency within the organization. Practices can also forecast the future collections and analyze existing and future practice performance. Advanced data mining and reporting features can support critical decision making and help the management in exercising greater control over the practice or hospital performance.
  • Improved patient satisfaction: Advanced billing processes ensure that all critical information is accurately handled and complete clarity is maintained regarding the billing practices of the hospital. In such a scenario the practices and hospitals can concentrate on providing the best possible medical care to the patients and patients are guaranteed of transparency and clarity. (MBC) is a recognized organization with a network of highly experienced coders and billers that have consistently exceeded industry benchmarks with their sophisticated solutions. Through a unique combination of highly trained professionals, systematized processes as well as proven software solutions, MBC helps physicians, practices and hospitals to improve their revenue and enjoy enhanced cash flows.