Improving Efficiency of Chiropractic Billing & Collections with focus on Patient Care

Modern Healthcare has undergone a paradigm shift in the past few years by way of ideology reframing from process orientation to customer (or more appropriately, patient) orientatioMedical Billing Services Companiesn. Better focus on patient care has improved the performance and financial health of many medical practices over the past few years. This is the reason that government is trying to encourage individual medical practitioners as well as hospitals to adopt a fee-for-service model. Your chiropractic clinic can also benefit tremendously from re-orientation of billing and collections processes towards patient care and satisfaction. But to initiate re-orientation, it is important to understand why the need of change is there.

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Current billing and collection processes are designed to enhance financial feasibility and improve revenue cycle of the chiropractic clinic. Given this inherent emphasis, chiropractic billing and collection faces the following patient objections repeatedly –

  • Incorrect recording of services leading to excessive billing
  • Lack of internal coordination for collection causing patient dissatisfaction at the time of follow ups on accounts receivables
  • Third party collection agent not understanding patient specific requirements
  • Insurance claim process adding unwanted hassles

These problems are generic to the field of Chiropractics as patient-chiropractic interactions cannot influence system inefficiencies. And billing or collections related issues arise primarily due to multiparty interactions or incorrect record keeping. To reduce these complains and improve the overall efficiency of your chiropractic billing and collections, following changes can be introduced in the revenue cycle management process –

  • Adopt EHR/EMR for error free medical record keeping – Automation of medical record keeping and patient data recording not only reduces human errors but also enhance productivity of your billing process. With EMR in place for billing and patient record maintenance, the issue of excessive billing can be effectively fixed and patient complaints can be reduced.
  • Revise coding changes periodically – Most chiropractic claims are denied due to incorrect code allocation for services rendered. ICD10 and CPT codes that apply to chiropractic are very limited and specific. Your medical billing system must revise coding changes in the system periodically to avoid assignment of wrong codes to claims.
  • Train medical staff for internal coordination before establishing any client interface – For most accounts receivables, customers remain in a favorable mindset of payment if they continue interaction with a single point of contact from the clinic’s end. To ensure systematic follow up and complete collection of accounts receivables, instill internal coordination and communication between your medical staff. This can dramatically improve your patient satisfaction level and payment rate.
  • Select third party billing solutions provider carefully – Billing and collection service providers usually assign specialist teams to each account for specific care. These experts tend to remain compliant to standards and processes but miss the personal touch and overlook patient specific requirements. Therefore, you must provide relevant patient history to your service provider for better patient-service provider interactions in future. is a specialty coding and billing service provider that offers the experience and expertise of a team of chiropractic billers. We not only understand the process related needs for acquiring billing efficiency in your practice but also pay personal attention to patient details. Therefore, with as your billing partner you will not only see an improved financial health of your chiropractic clinic but also see a rise in customer satisfaction level and customer retention.