Is Outsourced HCC Coding The Right Choice For Your Practice?

HCC is also known as hierarchical condition category bank on ICD-10 coding. The coding is assigned to risk scores to patients. Each HCC is mapped to a precise ICD-10 code.

Let MBC handle your HCC Coding so that you can focus on your core practice.

In today’s hyperactive world, it’s easier than ever to connect with colleagues on the other side of the country or the other side of the globe. Many companies are taking advantage of this through business process outsourcing, which allows back-office functions from accounting to IT to be delegated to specialists. MBC Billers & Coders helps health practitioners, and health plan providers find and hire qualified coders.

Here are the reasons why outsourced HCC Coding can be the right choice for your practice:

You Get An Access To Fully Trained, Expert Trainers

When you choose to outsource HCC risk adjustment coding services to MBC; you’d know that you have experts working by your side.

Their coders are fully up to date in the latest coding requirements, including the new ICD 10 codes.

You Get Staffing Flexibility

When you maintain your own in-house staff of coders, you have a limited coding capacity and most importantly your resources have to be updated from time to time.  It will be hard to adjust quickly to changing coding volumes.

You might end up paying more for your in-house coders who have no billing and coding expertise. Furthermore; you stay behind on your coding because the work volume is too much for your staff to handle.

When you outsource to MBC, it can add or subtract coders from your project as needed to ensure that the number of coders matches the coding demand perfectly.

Improved Coding Accuracy & Speed

One of the primary reasons to outsource HCC coding to MBC precisely is because they work on the latest technological software; they are well-read and updated as per the latest medical billing and coding procedure and guidelines. Therefore; it makes it easy for your staff to communicate. Patient charts and documentation can be uploaded and shared instantly, and your staff can review the finished coding on a chart-by-chart basis. The entire process is private and secure and meets relevant compliance standards.

MBC is a leading outsourced HCC Medical Coding Services and the company has always believed in helping clients with remarkable business solutions and services. Their client base spreads across different corners of the globe and belongs to different industries. Medical billing and coding that they provide have been valued by their clients over the years and the following have remained their area of expertise.