Is Your Neurology Billing Team Ready for Handling New Coding Challenges?

Neurology practices face new medical billing and coding rules every year. Due to time constraint, providers fail to follow the new guidelines of Neurology billing which results in incorrect claims and lost payments. It also results in increased administrative/operating costs, affecting the financial health of practices.Neurology Medical Billing Services

In addition to the Evaluation and Management codes used by neurologists, there are more than 100 separate codes in the neurology and neuromuscular tests and procedures sections of CPT codes. Accuracy in Neurology billing and coding can be achieved only when providers have correct understanding of the place of service of rules and requirements as neurologists see patients in offices, hospital specialty units and residential care facilities.

ICD-10 is round the corner and neurologists will have to invest time, money and establish co-ordination with public and private payers for implementation of the new coding system. Due to the transition, diagnoses previously described under only a few codes will now include dozens of codes. Neurologists treat high percentage of Medicare patients, many of whom also come under Medicaid coverage and due to this; it has become extremely important for providers to have knowledge of all rules and regulations of Neurology billing and coding in order to procure maximum reimbursements.

Preparations to handle new Neurology billing and coding challenges:

  • Neurologists will have to update computer systems with the new version to handle new coding challenges
  • An ICD-10 impact assessment will have to be conducted which will include revision of forms, work processes and computer systems being used for ICD-9 codes. Patient scheduling systems and quality reporting systems will also have to be reviewed as some neurology practices make use of the codes for these systems as well
  • In order to support the high level of specificity required for ICD-10 codes, neurology practices will have to make necessary changes in documentation. Neurologists will have to start learning about the new codes to be able to document properly
  • Updating systems and training coders, physicians and other staff members will be a major expense to prepare for ICD-10 coding challenges

Considering the lack of time and reimbursement cuts, neurologists need customized solutions for improving revenue by reducing denials and ensuring error-free Neurology billing and coding. A billing company needs to have a team of skilled neurology coders, well-versed with complex neurology billing and coding guidelines. Since it is hard to find skilled coders for this specialty, outsourcing coding tasks will eliminate the headache of hiring or training in-house coders for new Neurology billing and coding changes. is the largest consortium of coders and billers, helping medical practices sail through complex Neurology billing and coding challenges. Our team is well-versed in neurology coding guidelines and have the required expertise for handling new changes. By outsourcing your Neurology billing requirements to MBC you can reduce your headache of hiring and training coders, claim filing, implementation of health IT, denial management and compliance to HIPAA.

You can use the free time to concentrate on quality patient care and clinical documentation. The team at MBC makes use of the latest technology to maximize profits and minimize claim denials for neurologists.