It Is Worth Paying for Medical Billing Services Than Be Affected with Suspended Reimbursements

Affordable Care Act, along with a few other pro-beneficiary health care policies, may have helped rationalize cost of health care as well as cost of health care insurance across the broad spectrum – Medicare, Medicaid, and a variety of private insurance plans offered across the U.S. Beneficiaries could even benefit from lesser co-payment obligations and deductibles. However, it may not be said with any certainty that their woes with delay and denial would come to end. If the recent reactions are any indicators, medical practitioners may well see denials and A/R days going up more than they used to be earlier – there have already been instances wherein physicians’ reimbursements have been held up for as long as 60 days and even more. Just, imagine the kind of negative impact it could have had on their clinical and operational efficiency!

With health insurance premiums reaching lowest levels, payors have resorted to various contingency strategies – abandoning their services altogether, restructuring their portfolios, and of course withholding reimbursements till they are pursued aggressively by the medical practitioners concerned. While payors are within their right to safeguard their financial and business interests, medical practitioners could do better with Medical Billing Practices that are better tuned to expedite A/Rs before they become impossible to be follow-up and may even have to be written off as bad debts.

When it is obvious that such A/R delays will become more common in the coming days, medical practitioners would be left with no alternative but to spruce up their A/R management beyond the routine Medical Coding and Billing exercises. As soon as your bills cross the permissible time, your A/R management team should take over the process of finding out the reason for delay, following up with possible remedial measures, and expediting the process of realization. Operating under multi-payer reimbursement environment, you may have entered into contracts with Medicare, Medicaid, and a host of private health insurance agencies. Therefore, you A/R management team need necessarily have to be versatile enough to deal with multiple payors.

While your A/R Management team is doing what it is entrusted with, coding and billing efforts need to be equally supportive with accurate charge-capture, intricate procedure coding, electronic filing of claims, patient billing, multi-tiered appeal process, denial elimination initiatives, and compliance standards. Although every medical practitioner aspires to be equipped with as comprehensive a medical billing as possible, he may be limited by time and financial factors. Hence, you may be required outsource your entire process of medical billing from patient enrollment, scheduling insurance verification, insurance authorizations, scheduling and re-scheduling, coding, billing and reconciling of accounts, collections, AR collections, to denial management & appeals. One big advantage from outsourcing is that billing companies can be expected to deliver services at a price that is within your budgetary constraints. Moreover, they are invariably versatile enough to deal with complex medical billing issues.

As you begin to preempt the possibility of undue delay of A/Rs with external billing mediation, may just be the platform for complete, flexible, affordable, and more importantly tailor-made to the critical situation when your claims are likely to run the risk of being held up far in excess of admissible period of time.  Our credibility is essentially built around chosen billing affiliates (across the 50 states in the U.S.), who are versatile enough to monitor, follow-up, and expedite claim realization when you seem be giving up on your aging or withheld Account Receivables.