Know how ICD-10 Codes can Create some Fear During Halloween!

ICD-10 Codes for Halloween

Time for Pumpkin carving! With ICD-10 having firmly laid it’s feet in the US healthcare and Halloween being just around the corner, this is a good time to go through some scary and strange codes that could well represent Halloween characters. So far there ICD-10 has not been the scary event as it was anticipated. There were few, if not more, chilling moments. And so with the entire US celebrating Halloween, let us have some fun with ICD-10 codes.

Below are given some ICD-10 codes that will add some humor to Halloween, or rather more fear to the event.

  • R44.0 auditory hallucinations – Did you just think someone whispered in your ears? Oh! But you’re alone in the room. What was that then? Probably simply hallucinating.
  • R44.1 visual hallucinations- These could get really scary at any time of the day, especially at night. You almost spoke to the person and turned around to catch no one there! Certainly spooky.
  • F40.210 Arachnophobia- Creepy spiders and cob webs around. Perfect set up for a Halloween night!
  • R46.1 Bizarre personal appearance- Yes! Today you may see a dozen people out there dressed in the most whacky manner. This could well fall under the bizarre appearance category.
  • F51.5 nightmare disorder- Getting recurring dreams of being surrounded by vampires and wanting your blood or you out in a graveyard all by yourself? Well definition of a nightmare differs with each.

Now that you have read through the spooky codes, are you going to be dressing up as one of those or simply try watching a movie with one of those characters? Let us know how if you have any additional similar codes. So trick or treat!!! Beware and have fun!!