Less than 20 Days! A Final Touch Up for your ICD-10 Readiness!


Yes! It is finally here! Although there is little time left, it would be wise to make full use of whatever time that is remaining. By now all healthcare organizations must be through with the preparations and confident to roll out although with some amount of apprehension, and you’re not alone. Take it one at a time and ensure your practice is geared up for October 1.

Following is a checklist that will help you ensure how prepared you are! The checklist below outlines the most important tasks that should be undertaken and checked for completion for the best scope of a smooth transition. 

  1. The days remaining must be utilized to make sure dashboards along with metrics are in place and executives are aware of the key metrics. The AR team must put all their energy into getting off as much as they can from their plates.
  2. This is a perfect time to run mock test cases, enhancing the staff’s ICD-10 confidence. This ensures the involvement of all third parties and the compatibility of systems. An additional backup of your data will make sure you will never lose out on any.
  3. Finance team must by now be familiar with dashboard measures and escalation procedure for various scenarios. They must also take a final look at how things were under ICD-9 so to understand the difference under ICD-10.
  4. The coders should now be well versed with dual coding and seeing no difficulty with the transition in anyway.
  5. You should be ready with a list of the most frequent codes that you use and have found their ICD-10 equivalent, thus focusing on these would help a long way in the implementation.

With much anxiety and a series of mixed feelings with only less than 20 days to go, we hope that our handy ICD-10 checklist will get your practice in a good shape to roll out on October 1, 2015. Besides ticking each of the points against your ‘done’ tasks, the list will help your team boost it’s motivation and encouragement so as to reach the final line and not lose out in between.