Managing Holiday Season Resource-Crunch with the Help of a Medical Billing Company

Healthcare is perhaps one of those few professions which are exception to the general rule of eight hour-a-day duty – professionals are required to stretch beyond their usual duty hours, and may even have to be on a 24×7 vigil. As a result work-related fatigue has been more common, which is undesirable from clinical point of view. Fortunately, holidays offer welcome-break from the rigors of work, and help professionals revitalize their mind and body. Generally, holidays in U.S. are season-driven – most professionals opt for holidays during Christmas.

While professionals can look forward to a long-awaited break this Christmas season, there is something whose rhythm cannot simply be ignored – medical billing, processing and claim realization. But, when the majority of resources – either internal staff or external resources – are expected to be on leave for a considerable period,  a large portion of medical practitioners’ bills may remain unprocessed, unrealized or piled up as account receivables, which are potentially detrimental to financially viable clinical operations.

During such resource-crunch times, medical billing companies – with enormous, flexible and agile resource base – should keep your reimbursements unaffected. While you may have conceded to the idea of outsourcing from medical billing company, you should still arrive upon the best source among many billing companies offering their services. The following factors should help you determine whether or not the medical billing company in question is credible and competent enough to fit into your requirements:

  • Is the company open to the idea of risk-sharing?Many companies are open to the idea of operating on a risk-sharing model – being able to share operational profit or loss equally with their clients, i.e. medical practitioners. Therefore, it is better your prospective medical billing company is comfortable with this clause.
  • Will the billing company earmark a separate account representative?Medical billing company manages many portfolios, and a single-contact may not be able to answer queries from multiple clients. Therefore, it is better to know if your prospective medical billing company will be able to appoint an account representative exclusively to look after the affairs of your medical billing process.
  • Will your billing company pursue denials astutely?Denials if not pursued may end up as irrecoverable. Therefore, it is necessary to know in advance whether or not your prospective medical billing company is credited with astute denial management.
  • Will your filing be on time?Claim submission if not done on time may well get rejected. It is the responsibility of your medical billing company to keep you alerted about filing deadlines, and knowing that your prospective billing partner is sensitive to filing deadlines really helps.
  • Will my Practice Management be integrated with EHR?The success rate of reimbursement is often decided by how best your PMS is integrated with EHR system. Therefore, your prospective medical billing partner should be capable of implementing a single and integrated platform comprising both PMS as well as EHR.
  • Will it offer customization?Outsourcing an entire range of general solutions may not make sense – few processes may be irrelevant or may have to be customized to your billing needs. Therefore, it is crucial to know whether or not your prospective billing company can offer the right mix of services to your practice.
  • What about its success rate with A/Rs?The credibility and competence of a medically billing company is built around its ability to reduce its clients’ A/R days to permissible limit. Verify your prospective biller’s credentials in A/R management before entrusting your billing management.
  • Is it familiar with technology demands?Medical billing is increasingly being managed by technology – clinical documentation, billing, coding, claim submission, realization, and reporting are all serially managed over a well-networked real time computing. Therefore, it is important to know whether or not your prospective billing company is sufficiently equipped with these technology demands. – being the largest consortium for medical billing services – has demonstrated its worth as reliable, broad-based, and flexible medical billing partner for practices of varied sizes and disciplines. Our intense resource-deployment during times of resource-scarcity has helped practices to keep their reimbursements and revenues unaffected even during holiday season. As practices are about to enter another holiday season, we assure them of everything that they anticipate from an ideal billing partner.