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Easy Steps for OB-GYN Facility to Boost Your Practice Revenue

All-day long, the healthcare professionals working in the Ob-Gyn specialty face perplexing issues of healthcare payer requirements which can affect their income cycle. Commercial insurance payers often change filing requirements, while in many states, the Medicaid reimbursements and follow-up processes are challenging, antiquated, or both. As a result, Ob-Gyn facilities often look for a medical coding and billing partner with good expertise in this specialty billing.

If your healthcare facility has not seen an influx of new patients, try using the following easy and low-cost steps that can help you to put your best foot forward. These pointers will ensure an increase in your patient base, without making you go mad after the billing procedures.

Read The Reviews – They Serve Well

In the digital age, people are using the internet to get the thumbs up or down before doing pretty much anything, which even includes choosing the best Ob-Gyn doctor. Today’s tech-savvy patients are more likely to check out your practice reviews to observe what other patients wrote about your practice, before considering whether or not they want to be treated by you.

One of the most important things is to ensure you are closely monitoring your online presence. If the Ob-Gyn facility has more negative reviews than positive, look for trends in the complaints. If the review sites allow, ensure you take the time to respond to both complaints and praises or recommendations to show that your practice is engaged with the patients.

Establish A Good Presence On Social Media

Some Ob-Gyn facilities are not game about using tools like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for their business. But do keep in mind that communicating any sensitive information, health-related data through social media is, not okay. But, there are many useful, unique, and safe ways to utilize social platforms to market your Ob-Gyn practice to more potential patients.

When your current patients ‘like’ your practice on Facebook, their entire social friends/followers list sees it. This can direct user traffic to your page, website, and, ultimately, to your practice. Use an engaging page design to inspire more people to ‘Like’ your page, and post updates and content as often as possible.

You may post updates like a blog to provide healthcare tips, new health events and discuss general Ob-Gyn information about yourself and your practice. Promote the blog/article using Twitter and use the write-ups to engage with organizations in your community. You will likely get more eyeballs on it than you think.

Engage The New Crowd (Patient)

Do remember the last time you or your staff participated in some kind of community service or fundraising event? Putting up the question because this leads to new gateways for engagement and presents a positive image of your practice to others.

Another way of new patient engagement is building rapport with the emergency room physicians in your area. These people are often asked for recommendations for some sort of care after their patients’ visit to the ER. The bottom line – “It is all about networking.”

Develop Your Services

Pay attention to fluctuating demographics in your patient populace and community and make changes accordingly to align with those shifts.

Furthermore, try to pay attention to the needs of people in your region that need Ob-Gyn service. By meeting their demands at the right time, you can get more patients and boost the success bottom line of your facility.

Pay Attention To Schedule And Follow – Up Appointments

Now many of you would think, is this any useful info. But it’s actually shocking how often various specialty physicians never tell their patients when they want need to comeback. Keep in mind that this is a big thing when it comes to patient retention.  You can take vital tips from medical billing and coding professionals who generate reimbursement claims and also do through follow-ups.

Having a follow-up appointment ensures the patient how much you care about their health. Even when you haven’t been able to make a final analysis, you should still encourage them to schedule a follow-up visit to discuss the next steps after the test results come back.


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