OB GYN Practices Hiring Billing Specialists to Handle ICD-10 Transition

OB GYN Medical Billing ServicesTransition to ICD-10 is going to increase work pressure for OB GYN practices. The new coding system will have twice as many obstetrical codes as ICD-9, adding specificity to the characterization of obstetrical conditions.

An organized approach will be required for smooth transitioning to ICD-10 from co-ordinating with payers to testing of existing and new systems. Efforts will have to be made to ensure that increased coding time and delays in AR due to ICD-10 doesn’t hamper the cash flow of your OB GYN practice.

Is your practice ready for ICD-10 complexities?

  • Extensive preparation will be required to implement ICD-10 in OB GYN practices. Latest billing software will have to be updated, forms will have to be changed and coders will have to gear up for handling the new coding system. Coders will also have to obtain greater knowledge of physiology, anatomy and medical terminology
  • Physicians will have to do more elaborate documentation because higher level of detail will be required for supporting ICD-10 code specificity
  • Investment will have to be done for new computer-assisted coding programs and other technologies for smooth ICD-10 transition

Codes, phases and rules involved in OB GYN practices are difficult to handle in a limited time span and with the implementation of ICD-10; medical billing companies is set to become more challenging. Multiple codes will make revenue generation difficult if coders are unable to perform error-free coding. If special attention is not given to assigning codes and fulfilling requirements for each patient, OB GYN practices might lose a lot of money.

Will outsourcing help in smooth transition to ICD-10?

Outsourcing has proved to be a boon for OB GYN medical billing at a time when there is little time to focus on coding complexities.

  • A billing specialist will assign a team of well-trained coders for your OB GYN practice. This team will ensure that error-free coding is done for every service offered
  • Consultation will be offered to practices on how to prepare for ICD-10 transition
  • Coding and billing tasks will be handled through the latest technology and procedures
  • Billing requirements will be handled by certified coders even while you are on a holiday so, you don’t have to worry about any missed payments
  • In order to improve collection and income, billing specialists will conduct regular follow-ups
  • You can exercise control over billing and payments as the revenue cycle will be made transparent to you by the billing partner
  • Apart from practice management reporting, patient data and financial information will be made accessible to you 24/7

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