Overcoming Challenges in Optometry Billing with Old AR

Optometry Billing with Old AR: A Threat to Your Practice

Are old accounts receivable (AR) silently undermining the financial health of your optometry practice? Efficient revenue cycle management is essential for the success of your optometry practice, and AR plays a pivotal role in this process.

Old AR in optometry billing refers to unpaid claims or invoices that have been outstanding for an extended period. These receivables are typically overdue beyond the standard payment terms and can accumulate due to various issues such as billing errors, insurance claim denials, or patient non-payment.

However, effective AR management can significantly enhance your practice’s financial stability. Let’s explore how to tackle the challenges of old AR and reduce rejected claims in your optometry practice.

Consequences of Optometry Billing with Old AR

Inefficient AR management can lead to several problems, with reduced cash flow being the most immediate consequence. Some of the other issues include:

  • Confusion between bad debt and overdue accounts: This can lead to mismanaged resources and further financial losses.
  • Ignored overdue accounts: Without regular follow-ups, overdue accounts can accumulate, intensifying cash flow issues.

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  • Clerical errors: Time constraints and lack of focus can result in billing mistakes.
  • Improper bill and payment allocation: Disorganized records can cause significant financial discrepancies.

These issues not only affect the revenue but also place unnecessary stress on your staff, diverting their focus from patient care to administrative tasks.

Common Issues and Solutions for AR Management in Optometry Billing

Disorganized Data:

Tracking payments, pending bills, and submitted claims can be challenging without a well-organized system. Implement a system to organize and regularly update AR data. Ensure every claim’s status, including AR calling details, is accurately recorded.

Lack of Knowledge and Training:

Staff responsible for AR management need comprehensive training to handle tasks like insurance verification and billing efficiently. Invest in training programs to equip your staff with the necessary skills for efficient AR management, from billing to insurance verification.

AR Calling Documentation and Ethics:

Proper documentation and ethical considerations during AR calls are essential to avoid misunderstandings and maintain professionalism. Record calls to maintain accurate documentation and adhere to ethical standards. Establish clear protocols for AR calls to ensure consistency and professionalism.

Inadequate Patient Management:

Clear communication with patients regarding their financial responsibilities can prevent payment delays. Update patient and payer information regularly. Utilize an Electronic Health Record / Practice Management Software (EHR/PMS) service to manage patient data and billing efficiently.

Lack of Dedicated Time:

Traditional AR management methods can overload administrative staff, causing errors and inefficiencies. Outsourcing AR management to professionals can provide a more efficient and effective solution.

Why Outsource Medical Billing and Coding?

Outsourcing medical billing and coding can significantly benefit your optometry practice, particularly when dealing with old AR. Here are three reasons why outsourcing is advantageous:

  • More Resources: Medical billing companies have experienced staff and advanced software, ensuring faster and more efficient claims resolution.
  • Greater Experience: Billing experts handle various claims daily, making them adept at dealing with denials and rejections.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: Professional billers have specialized knowledge, leading to fewer mistakes and higher success rates in claims recovery.

How MBC Can Help Clear Old AR in Optometry Billing?

Medical Billers and Coders (MBC) offers comprehensive billing and coding services that ensure compliance with current regulations, improve accuracy, reduce old ARs, and optimize reimbursements.

By outsourcing your billing tasks to MBC, you can focus more on patient care and less on administrative burdens.

Benefits of Partnering with MBC:

  • Cost Efficiency: Achieve noticeable cost savings and a significant 10-15% increase in revenue.
  • Streamlined Claims: Our commitment to clean claims maximizes revenue generation.
  • Optimized Reimbursements: Expert documentation and coding maximize reimbursements for optometry practices.

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Don’t let Old AR Impact your Optometry Practice’s Efficiency!

Contact Medical Billers and Coders (MBC) today to enhance your billing processes, boost reimbursements, and ensure compliance with optometry billing and coding regulations. You can reach us by phone at: 888-357-3226 or via email at: info@medicalbillersandcoders.com


Q: How can optometry billing with old AR lead to increased administrative workload?

A: Optometry billing with old AR results in more optometry billing errors and rejected claims, increasing the time administrative staff spends on corrections and follow-ups.

Q: What are the benefits of using automated systems for AR management in optometry billing?

A: Automated systems reduce manual errors, ensure timely claims submission, and lead to faster reimbursements and improved cash flow.

Q: How does outsourcing AR management improve patient satisfaction for an optometry practice?

A: Outsourcing allows optometry practice to focus more on patient care, leading to more efficient practice and better patient experiences.