Outsource OB/GYN Billing and Increase Your Revenue

Medical billing has become a challenging task for OB/GYN practices. Complexities have started taking a toll on revenue generation because multiple codes, rules and phases involved in OB/GYN practices are difficult to understand and handle amidst time constraint. Since providers cater to patients belonging to different medical, insurance and demographic specifics, special attention is required in assigning codes and other requirements for each patient.

Some of the complications affecting OB/GYN collections are related to:

  • Patient collection process
  • Rules around multiple-procedures
  • Lack of uniformity across pregnancy care
  • Complexities of multiple diagnostic tests
  • Broken global
  • Pregnancy coverage

Claim filing involves several forms in OB/GYN practices and even a small error in documentation can lead to denials. To top it all, various industry-related coding and billing needs such as HIPAA, ICD-10, bundled payments and pay-for-performance have to be met by OB/GYN practices that have posed tremendous pressure on providers. These factors have not just affected cash flow by 7-10% but also pushed the need for outsourcing OB/GYN billing services to increase profit margins.

How can outsourcing help increase revenue?

At a time when healthcare reforms have left providers with little or no time to concentrate on complexities of coding and billing, outsourcing has proved to be a boon for OB/GYN providers.

  • A reputed billing partner has have a team of expert billers and coders who will be solely responsible for handling the revenue cycle of your practice
  • Regular follow ups will be done with insurance companies to improve collection and income
  • Revenue cycle will be made transparent for you so that you have complete control over billing and payments even after outsourcing
  • You can enjoy 24/7 accessibility to financial information and patient data along with practice management reporting
  • The latest procedures and technology will be used for handling coding and billing tasks for your practice
  • Certified coders will ensure there are no errors in documentation, coding and billing
  • Your billing requirements will be taken care of even while you are on a holiday

Outsourcing will give you a web based solution to all medical billing problems. While a well-trained team will be handling your billing system, you will get ample time to concentrate on patient care and meet the pay-for-performance requirements.

Medicalbillersandcoders.com has the largest consortium of billers and coders that are well-trained in offering comprehensive OB/GYN billing services. We can help improve the financial performance of your practice by handling charge entry, insurance claims, error-free and timely submission of claims, denial management and revenue follow-ups to ensure that your practice is getting paid for all the services being provided. Our certified coders make use of latest technology that guarantees accuracy. At MBC, our aim is to help practices including OB/GYN cut down costs and increase revenue in accordance to the state, federal and local laws. You can either take the entire suit of our services or customize it according to your practice needs.