Payment Posting – Key to revenue cycle management

Payment posting is one of the most important steps that can assist in improving a physician’s revenue if done efficiently. Although payment posting is becoming electronic and automated there is still the need for checking for accuracy and errors in the posting. There are numerous ways in which physicians can benefit from accurate and efficient payment posting and its analysis.

Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
The ability to carefully read and comprehend the EOB is one of the crucial aspects of medical payment posting. Avoiding errors in EOB or correcting the errors made by an insurance payer can lead to avoidance of long term financial loss. Studying and minutely examining the EOB for correct information such as the claim number, provider, type of service, the not covered amount, and insured ID number can drastically reduce mistakes and ensure that you are properly remunerated.

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)
ERA is provided by most insurance providers and is an electronic form of EOB or explanation of benefits. This helps in increasing your productivity and streamlining your workflow and can be integrated to your PMS. However, facts about underpayments, denials, multiple adjustments, cross-overs, reversals, and secondary remittance have to be analyzed in order to ensure correct reimbursement in a timely manner.

Insurance Follow up
Correct payment posting also supports insurance follow up which ensures optimal revenues for physicians. Insurance companies can deny claims based on any type of error and it is important for billers and coders to keep in touch with such providers in order to ensure that the issue is being addressed. Therefore accurate payment posting can eliminate such delay in denied claims by avoiding errors. Payment posting sets the stage for effective Account Receivables follow up.

Reduce costs and tool to measure efficiency
The cost of billing can be reduced along with an increase in revenue due to better payment posting processes. The reduction in cost is also due to the time saved by electronically done payment posting which is verified by experienced billers and coders. Moreover Payment Posting is a key tool to measure the efficiency of Medical Billers and Coders as it stands testimony to clean claims and error free billing.

Quantitative advantages
The recent health reform is going to ensure more doctor-patient encounters and the sheer volume of EOB and the amount of posting would become staggering. This is where attention to detail while reading EOBs and familiarity and experience in advanced electronic remittance scenarios is important. Balancing receivables by accurate and timely Payment Posting, makes performance reports more clear and concise to draw financial decisions.

EOB or ERA, the human intervention in the analysis is inevitable; the best computing system can not drive efficiency in collection all by themselves. Expert medical billers are required to scrutinize those customized reports. Medical Billing specialists at are experienced in such scenarios and keep updated about payment posting processes and also all other adjustment clauses in the reimbursement policy.