Professional Revenue Cycle Management Consultancy Services by

MBC offers expert consultancy services to healthcare providers across the US for strategic, operational, and revenue cycle management, no matter the size of their organization. Viewing the dynamic changes sweeping through the healthcare industry, we have perceived an urgent requirement of professional support and assistance to healthcare providers to adapt to the latest regulations and flux in the healthcare industry.

2012 is the year when health reform actually hits home and the healthcare providers need to put their practices in order, in terms of regulation compliances such as HIPAA 5010, ICD10, PQRI (Physician Quality Reporting Initiative), CPOE (Computerized Physician Order Entry), HIE (Health Information Exchange) along with the latest EHR updates.

The MBC consultancy professionals can effortlessly implement and integrate these compliances into physician’ system. This can save the physicians immense administrative complications and inconvenience during the transition process as also after the regulation deadline.

We believe that the regulation related changes are not complex per se; the challenge lies in actively motivating the physicians’ teams to adopt these compliances by underlining their relevance and scope in effective patient healthcare and improved revenue cycle management.

The niche of remains revenue cycle management and solutions to problems around optimized revenue cycles. MBC as a market force believes that it is best equipped to handle physician difficulties given its hundreds of billers and coders who cater to all specialties and face operational difficulties everyday.

MBC offers comprehensive consultancy services to optimize the revenue generation of healthcare providers by a thorough analysis of their revenue cycle management. Our experts minutely scrutinize the various stages of revenue cycle management to identify the root causes of revenue leakages and inefficiencies in order to provide pro-active solutions for healthy revenue generation.

MBC aims to provide value-added consultancy across the spectrum of healthcare services throughout the US.