Radiology Billing and Coding: Best Practices and Changes for 2020

Radiology practices involve complex billing and coding. Practices find it tough to stay up to date. Radiology practices, like other specialty practices, offer a variety of different services like intrusive procedures, and other incursions to the patients in a variety of different settings.

The charges for the services are dealt with differently depending on where the services were provided – in same-day surgery centers, in a hospital setting, or in the doctor’s office. Accurate Radiology billing and coding require excellent working knowledge of current coding rules, cardiology specific codes, and compliance standards. Even small mistakes in cardiology billing and coding can result in denials that lower your practice revenue.

The coding for Breast MRI has been changed by the deletion of two codes and their expansion into 4 new codes, as follows:

  • MRI Breast, without contrast, unilateral which has a new code 77046 replacing 77058
  • MRI Breast, without contrast, bilateral has a new code 77047 replace the old one i.e. 77059
  • MRI Breast, without and with contrast, unilateral has a new code given i.e. 77048  replacing the old one 77058
  • MRI Breast, without and with contrast, bilateral has the new code which is 77049 replacing the 77059

New Gastrostomy Tube Change Coding

  • Percutaneous change of the gastrostomy tube, without imaging or endoscopic guidance; do not require revision of the gastrostomy tract with the new code 43762
  • Require revision of gastronomy tract 43763

New Renal Pelvic Catheter Coding

  • Percutaneous dilation of the existing tract for an endourologic procedure has a new code 50436
  • Percutaneous dilation of the existing tract for an endourologic procedure, including new access into the renal collection system, has a new code 50437
  • Dilation of ureter or urethra, radiological supervision and interpretation has a new code 74485

Biopsy Coding

  • FNA biopsy without imaging guidance; first lesion with the new code 10021
  • FNA biopsy, including ultrasound guidance; the first lesion has a new code 10005
  • FNA biopsy, including fluoroscopic guidance; first lesion, has a new code 10007
  • FNA biopsy, including CT guidance; the first lesion has the new code 10009
  • FNA biopsy, including MRI guidance; first lesion with the new code 10011

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