Reduce Coding Errors for your Chiropractic Practice

Managing a chiropractic facility or any type of healthcare unit is a tiresome job. You require many internal departments to work together for a common goal, including chiropractic medical billing. This stands important in today’s ever-changing health care and insurance laws, where one-minute medical billing and the coding mistake can turn in loss of revenue.

Having an organized and streamlined revenue management process in the form of chiropractic medical billing companies is crucial for any successful practice, and is a key to a healthy revenue cycle.

Take a look at these following points that will improve your income cycle and lower the coding errors of chiropractic billing.

Identify your problem areas

If your coding errors consistently follow a particular pattern, you may need to create a list of your most commonly-misused codes. This helps you identify training gaps and determine a prevention strategy. At your facility, the problem codes may reflect issues with certain types of insurance, with particular procedures or with types of codes.

The only mistakes many make in chiropractic coding would be pertaining to insurers. That is when you fail to bill adequately for re-evaluations every procedure given.

Many facilities are losing revenue from a missing code if they are receiving the maximum reimbursement rate. Since the extra code is only used every six to ten visits, it is easier to forget than a code used at every billing.

At some chiropractic facilities, the coding problems to watch for happen with particular insurances. However, some physicians are sharp enough to observe the coding errors, as these have been their number one source for losing revenue.

Practice, practice, and practice…

When you code, it is also important to account for every applicable service. Not being specific enough can also create problems.

The biggest mistake many in house coders make is to not code enough. At times, it gets so worse, that a physician starts to worry as to; are his coders certified. Keep in mind that if you have any doubts regarding the in-house coders, you always have the option to outsource chiropractic billing services to the experts. They are cheap, they certified and yes, they help you gain profits.

Providing enough detail is in your best interest. Take specific notes and code for every service you actually performed, whenever possible. Even very small billing discrepancies may add up over time to a significant loss if your clinic creates a pattern of under-billing. Since you may not always receive full reimbursement, you may want to avoid billing too little intentionally.

Good training is the key to reduce coding errors

When medical coders are graduated, they for the most times know very little in terms of chiropractic coding and documentation. This leads to a ton of mistakes. But having self-education by purchasing the coding manual, reading it over and over several times can resolve the issue. This is when you start to understand how documentation and coding were interrelated and how to properly code.

Also, you can attend seminars and reading regularly about coding and documentation issues and strategies. Staying up-to-date with coding is vitally important and well worth the effort, according to chiropractic medical billing experts.

If you have in house staff involved in coding, you may want to encourage them to take an active interest in staying informed as well. Providing access to seminars or even finding freely available information and sharing it with your staff and coworkers may help reduce errors by encouraging knowledgeable coding.

Finally, to avoid coding errors invest in prevention

Preventing costly mistakes should be a high priority for every chiropractic facility. With these strategies, you may be able to minimize errors and avoid the possible consequences.