Regaining Control Over your Oncology Billing this season

Understanding that legitimate and productive oncology billing, coding, and collections are indispensable to run an effective oncology practice, Medical Billers and Coders (MBC) have a robust system in place that helps doctors/physicians to regain control over their practice. As an Oncology practitioner financial strength of your practice is directly related to timely billing and reimbursement.

Effective revenue cycle management guarantees that health care providers can concentrate on what is most important to them: giving quality care to their patients. But, they always struggle to bill for their services successfully, and it may have something to do with your in-house billing staff.  Maybe a large number of errors are being overlooked, or the timely claims submission cycle is not being adhered too, the reason could be many.

Oncology and Radiology have different complex techniques which include general EHR updation and payment handling. And in such a situation, it is difficult to find a trustworthy billing and coding agency that can do the tedious, but the important task of handling your Revenue Cycle Management.

You require the assistance of experts who can help you in regaining control of your Oncology billing so that you can focus on this which is more important to your practice, which is patient care and consideration. And, if the thought of outsourcing the requirements has already crossed your mind, then Medical Billers and Coders should be your right option.

Below are some of our expertise that assists Oncology Practitioners in gaining control of their billing this season:

A comprehensive approach towards Oncology EHR Management

Medical Billing for Oncology is somewhat unique when compared to different practices. There are some terms and conditions in Oncology Coding and Billing, which are not common to most of the in-house billing staff. This can lead to coding errors which are the main cause of loss of revenue in the billing structure. We have a trained set of employees who are carefully working just to guarantee that our clients (which are the Oncology practitioners) get what they want from our Medical Billing Service, which is streamlining the income cycle.

 A professional team at your disposal 24/7

One thing which every physician needs to regain control over his/her practice is a dedicated team of medical billers and coders, who can manage and solve any bill related query at given point of time. Our certified billers and coders have the capacity and knowledge, which makes your practice easy to manage. We abide to all the rules and guidelines set by HIPAA and you can be assured that every one of your information is safe in our systems. In addition, we also deliver extensive process improvements to speed up the claims management process and provide customized administrations and medical billing solutions for clinic based practices and Ambulatory centers.

Following the basic rules

To present with you with few statistical number, the American Hospital Association 2016 report says that 43 percent of hospitals in the U.S. have spent more than $10,000 on managing denied claims, while 26 percent have spent more than $25,000.

It is essential to assess the patient’s insurance plan and eligibility every time they plan an appointment. Doing so will gain you as much as control of things in your Oncology practice.

The following question should always be on top of the mind of the billing staff to make sure claims denial does not happen frequently:
  • Does the patient have legitimate insurance coverage acknowledged by your practice?
  • Does the patient additional coverage plan, primary or any secondary insurance?
  • Is the patient enrollment data correct?
  • What number of visits is the patient permitted?
  • What is the patient’s duty with respect to the cost of the visit?
 How we offer assistance?
  • Seasoned Billers are adept at handling Radiology and Hematology Billing
  • Adherence to latest changes in HIPPA and CMS
  • Proficient Claims Management
  • ICD-10 certified billers
  • Expert knowledge regarding claims denials and RCM prerequisites


Increment in rate of collections

Drastic Reduction in overhead and operational costs

Lesser Claims Denials

Regular Updation the billing cycle

Specialization in managing Oncology related questions

Broad scope for Oncology Billing