Remote Medical Billing: A Growing Trend

Remote Medical Billing: A Growing TrendThere is a tremendous increase in the number of people seeking medical attention. The reasons behind this range from an increase in life span over the years to an increase in the number of diseases. This increase in medical services has thrown light on a very important aspect – the medical coding and billing process. Owing to the patient influx, the task of billing has become tedious. This is because coding and billing combines the insurance company requirements, physician’s work and the patient’s needs as per the standard rules and regulations.

How Physicians get their Payments?

The payments from patients are mostly made through their insurance companies to the physicians. These payments are only released when the billing forms (CMS-1500) are completed properly and submitted on time. Since the physicians need to submit their own billing claims, it becomes a very tedious and time consuming task for them. In addition to attending the patients, performing all the medical billing and coding by themselves proves to be for the physicians. This is one of the prime reasons why physicians prefer to outsource their billing service.

Role of Medical Coders and Billers in Remote Billing

Medical coding being a specialized process in a medical practice numerous agencies offer these services as billing partners. They complete the required paperwork and submit them to the insurance companies within the stipulated time. In other words, they are the link between patients, physicians and the insurance companies. While the latter approves the claim, the former two must file them in the prescribed format. Billing partners being specially trained in medical billing and coding reduce the scope for mistakes and increase the chances of getting reimbursed on time.

Electronic Medical Billing System

A growing trend in these times of advanced technology is electronic billing system. Providers find it easy to process the claims and the overall efficiency of the process has improved because of remote medical billing services. One of the biggest advantages of the remote medical billing and coding system is its affordability to small practices that have a very limited budget. It is a convenient option in case of rural practices too. It also has several benefits with respect to the infrastructure utilization.

What does Remote Medical Coding mean?

Remote medical coding means the employee does not have to be physically present in the office to work. This saves a lot on stationery, furniture and office supplies. It also saves purchases, maintenance and the constant upgrading of computer equipment and billing software. The organization also saves thousands of dollars on salary and employee benefits. The remuneration to outsource billing partners is negotiated and is way lesser than what it could have been in the form of salary and the added perks.

Save Time on Recruitment

Remote medical billing also saves the time spent by recruiters in interviewing, hiring and training the billing staff. The billers usually work on contracts and they are paid on work-for-hire basis. This means the organization just pays them for the job and not for any additional requirements, such as software, equipment, etc. These expenses are borne by the billers themselves.

Advantageous for Billers

Working remotely is a big advantage for the billers as well. They can work from anywhere they want. It provides them with more family time and flexible working hours; hence there is an increase in the number of billers opting to work remotely.

Remote medical billing and coding is similar to outsourcing medical billing service to a medical company. is one of the popular billing partners in the outsourcing business. It saves time, money and also largely helps the physicians to concentrate on the treatment process rather than the administration process.