Simplify Your ICD-10 Optometric Billing with A Billing Specialist

icd10With the introduction of HIPAA 5010 federal mandate and inclusion of ICD-10 standard for electronic billing processing, there is an immediate requirement for skilled manpower to process your Optometric medical billing claims. If accurate billing is not done as per new codes of ICD-10, your Optometric practice can face major revenue losses. Moreover, if proper claim re-filing and follow-ups are not done accurately, your practice will suffer from less or even no reimbursement. As new electronic codes for ICD-10 billing process are quite complex and require sufficient understanding for streamlined flow of electronic transactions; your clinic requires a dedicated team which can handle all the back office billing tasks.

What are the medical billing challenges faced by Optometric clinics?

To address these crucial regulatory healthcare requirements, Optometric clinics are left with basically two options. The first option will be to recruit new and experienced in-house staff, train them in new ICD-10 coding procedures and then deploy them into billing process. This measure although is quite effective in long term but is not financially feasible due to high labor costs involved. Your clinic also has to make investments in training workshops and skill enhancement seminars to train your existing staff for the new ICD-10 codes.

Typically for billing process, these are some of the optometry medical services:

  • Lens prescription for improved vision,
  • Eye disease treatment,
  • Oral medications,
  • Laser surgery procedures

How can optometric clinics overcome these medical billing challenges?

For immediate deployment of skilled staff, it would be much better and cost-effective to outsource your billing process to a specialized HIPAA complaint billing service with dedicated staff well versed in new ICD-10 codes and billing process. Your ophthalmologists and eye surgeons can then better channelize their energy for patient care rather than to expend them to maintain billing process which has no direct role to benefit the patient.

Since, the protected health information (PHI) of your electronic transactions contains payment details for your optometric medical service and can be directly linked to your patient; the billing services being HIPAA complaint is duty bound to take reasonable measures to protect this sensitive patient information as per privacy requirements laid down by HIPAA 5010. maintains a well-established team of billing experts and coders who are fully trained in billing process as per ICD-10 code practices. This team of coders is well equipped with state-of-the-art technology and software to assist them to do error-free coding as per ICD-10 requirements. Most of the coders are also certified from American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC). MBC presence in all the 50 US states makes it a leading provider of healthcare billing services.

BC allows ophthalmologists and eye surgeons to devote more time to their patients give them quality medical care while the billing process is handled smoothly in background by the skilled team of ICD-10 coders.