Surviving Billing Challenges with an Optometry Medical Billing Specialist

Coding and billing are complex tasks for optometrists due to the difficulties in meeting different levels of office visit, pressure of accurate documentation and lack of coding and billing experts.  Time constraint makes it difficult for providers to handle the insurance reimbursement system due to which they don’t get paid for the services offered.

Trying to meet and exceed the medical requirements of a diverse patient population in a limited time span gets frustrating for optometry practices.

  • Optometrists often face a dilemma while billing for their examination procedure and services. The dilemma is to determine if the visit should be considered medical (billed to medical insurer of the patient) or non-medical (billed directly to the patient’s vision insurance plan). This becomes even more challenging when deductibles for major medical insurance plans start rising and patients try to reduce expenses and increase benefits
  • A visit is billable and payable by Medicare only when the patient has a complaint or symptom of eye disease. Due to this rule, the optometrist and his staff need to give ample time in listening to the patient and find out the purpose of the visit, leaving less time to concentrate on accurate documentation and coding
  • Diagnosis codes need to be matched to procedure codes and in case of errors, claims can get rejected

How streamlined medical billing services can help?

Hiring new staff, training them in ICD-10 coding and letting them handle the optometry medical billing process maybe an effective move in the long run but considering the labour cost involved, it is not financially feasible. Due to lack of time, many optometric practices are seeking help from a billing specialist. Streamlined billing services ensure error-free coding that is vital for maximizing profits.

  • A billing partner ensures timely submission and follow up of claims for payment
  • All account receivable related problems will be solved effectively
  • Coding and billing services will be offered with the help of latest software and technology
  • The billing partner will be offering HIPAA compliant services which will reduce the chances of security breach
  • The team will be well versed in new ICD-10 coding system
  • Accessibility to financial information and patient data 24/7
  • Since the staff will be well-trained in handling the billing process, optometrists will be able to utilize their time on patient care

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MBC has knowledge of latest optometry medical billing codes and procedures, reducing time spent on filing claims. We conduct careful examination of medical resources before offering billing services or consultancy. While we handle the headache of optometry medical billing, the spare time can be utilized by physicians to focus on patient care. You can either take our complete set of services or opt for custom billing as per the needs of your practice.