Tips for Telehealth Visits

Nowadays due to COVID-19, we are in an era where it’s most secure and more cost-effective to meet with patients via telehealth than face-to-face visits with patients. Some physicians are feeling that they are losing the personalized care, they have given to their parents before the pandemic. This new way of practicing is good to follow all COVID-19 related safety measures, it helps everyone to maintain social distancing and other guidelines.

Telehealth Visits Tips:

Quiet and Dedicated Space for a Visit

Clear communication is very important when you are not in front of the patient. Avoid noisy rooms so you and your patient can hear each other. This is the most important thing you can do while telehealth visits to improve patient care. Also, you need to inform all your staff not to disturb you while having your telehealth call.

Pre-Telehealth Preparation

  • Take Notes

Keep a paper and pen handy so that you can write down questions or concerns of patients. It is good to take notes from your meeting to help remember your key points in the next visit of the patient.

  • Good Quality Hardware

As we discussed earlier, clear communication is very important. So, you cannot rely on your PC or Smartphone’s built-in devices, it is good to purchase a professional headset or microphone. You ensure that your patients are hearing your voice clearly and correctly without any issue.

  • Internet Connection

You need to ensure that your internet connection is good so that your meeting should not be interrupted in between your discussion. A good internet connection will help to prevent lags and outages when you really need it to work.

Keep your Patient Engaged

You might already offer telehealth services to your patients or you are going to start with a telehealth visit, whatever the case you might seem a little awkward talking to a technical device instead of a face-to-face patient. Ensure that your patient should not feel that you are avoiding them though you are not. Establish eye contact with the patients so that they can speak to show you are listening while they are sharing their problems with you. Just like a face-to-face visit.

Follow all Telehealth Guidelines

You are already busy with your online visits with patients, but you need to make an arrangement to get paid for your time and effort when it comes to telehealth appointments. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many insurance companies have relaxed their guidelines for providers. To keep your practice financially healthy you need to make sure that you are getting paid on time and without any issues.

If you or your staff are not sure how to bill for telehealth visits or know what covered sessions include? You can connect with our billing staff to outsource your medical billing. We keep our staff up to date with the latest updates released from CMS and other government agencies. So that you will get paid on time with minimal denials.

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