Training Staff for Fee-for-Value Billing Model for Your Optometry Practice

Medical Billing ServicesWhile primary and secondary care providers are gearing up to absorb this change; alternate care providers like Optometrists cannot afford to ignore the evolving changes either. Therefore, to ensure that your medical practice is prepared to cope with the dynamics of medical billing, training of staff becomes a requisite. Fee-for-value medical billing models are introducing new employee orientation towards delivering value instead of mere service.

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Optometry revenue model relies heavily on patient appointments and availability of the OD. The remaining staff is primarily engaged in support functions and medical attention is only provided by the OD. However, there are a series of routine tests and procedures that need to be conducted mechanically and need not demand the OD’s personal involvement. This is where the training of medical staff can improve the entire revenue cycle of your Optometry practice and help you optimize a fee-for-value model of billing. Staff training should therefore incorporate –

  • Orientation towards fee-for-value – Optometry Medical Billing Service depends heavily on customer satisfaction with the procedure for any long term profitability. Staff orientation towards delivering value can help them adopt a favorable attitude towards patient demands and provide medical care more satisfactorily. A lot of customer complaints about incorrect diagnosis or insufficient attention can be addressed with the right attitude at front end.
  • Acceptance of pay-for-performance – Optometry staff is accustomed to routine compensation for regular job roles. An understanding of pay-for-performance model can motivate the staff to engage in more value adding activities and earn better for superior performance.
  • Lesser reliance on OD for all procedures – An Optometry practice can not hope to remain profitable if the OD has to spend 20-30 minutes of his time with every patient for administering routine procedures. Delegation of procedures requiring only administration of machines calibrated medically to trained staff reduces the work stress on OD and improves the efficiency of your optometry clinic as well. Most repeat procedures require technological intervention and if administered by skilled technicians, patients don’t mind the absence of OD during the procedure. Therefore, training your support staff for operating medical machinery is crucial to the success of pay-for-performance billing model in Optometry. Equipments like lens-refractor, optical vision analyzer and other lens diagnostic or correcting equipments can be administered by trained medical staff for better churn out of the practice day-on-day.
  • Coding of disorders – Medical staff in your Optometry practice is also required to understand the importance of correct coding for improving revenue cycle management of the clinic. Regular changes in coding and billing practices have to be communicated to the staff in addition to confirming system updates of same. is a medical billing service provider that offers the experience and expertise of a team of Optometric medical experts for training of medical staff. With you can effectively transform your billing model into fee-for-value format with wholehearted support of a well informed and trained medical staff.