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What Providers can do to Prevent Claims from being Denied or Rejected?

Every healthcare provider has a complicated relationship with payers. Healthcare providers are busy in providing treatment to patients and they spend much time with patients and many of the time payers deny payments for the services provided. Providers can prevent claims denials and can ease the denial management that does not come so easy to any practice.

Claims Denials and Claims Rejections

Claim denials and claims rejections are normally used interchangeably? Medical billing companies check for the mistakes in claims before submitting them to payers. Still, they receive denials, these can be a big loss for the healthcare provider and billing company.

Claims denials and claims rejections are generally misinterpreted in the medical billing industry. These are costly mistakes and can negatively impact the entire Revenue Cycle Management.

How to reduce claims denials?

Study Old Claims

If the correct information is not captured in practice management software then it can be cause for claims rejections. Streamlined revenue cycle management will reduce the rejection cases in the future and improve revenue. Providers also need to analyze payer rejection trends and denials are also important. This process helps to identify denials and rejections which makes it easy to understand where the problem lies and fix them if they are common.

Automated Solutions

Generally, humans can make errors but the system will not. If practice reduces human errors then less denial will be there. Any practice management will help to identify rejections and can increase accuracy with the increase in reimbursement.

Patient Information

Almost in each practice, the common cause for denial like wrong information, errors in pre-authorization reports are easy to fix. Providers can reach out to insurance companies to verify patient information right before the date of service.

Clearing House

Clearinghouse is an important solution in the claims filing process. Sustain a genuine relationship with the clearinghouse and build a strong contact that will streamline the processes and benefit both groups.

Timely Claim Submission

According to payer policies, every provider should file their claims on time to adhere to the timelines decided by payers. Medical billing companies should submit claims before their timely filing limits reach. Due to this, all claims will get filed in time and also fits with proper CPT and HCPCS code by medical coding experts.

Format of Claims

For any denied claims, studying and understanding the claim format will ensure it is easy to fix the problems and issues.

Follow-up on Claims Denials

This is important to follow up on denied claims to understand and resolve the issues in claims. Keeping track on each claim and follow up on it, the denied and rejected claims can be corrected and resubmitted on a regular interval.

Medical Billing Outsourcing

It’s been evident and challenging to encounter denials with the trained and expert staff when compared to medical billing and coding experts. It is always cost-effective to outsource the medical billing and coding services to medical billing and coding experts.

Outsourcing helps high levels of provider satisfaction and takes the responsibility of collecting deserved payment from insurance companies.

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