Why is MBC’s April Offer Something You Can’t Miss?

Why is MBC’s April Offer Something You Can’t Miss? Physicians need to ensure AGGRESSIVE management of accounts receivable. Why I emphasized on the term ‘aggressive’ is because AR cleanup can be a daunting & a time-consuming procedure. If billers are not following-up on pending AR vigorously, there are chances the practice will keep losing significant revenue every month.

An average AR Follow-up call may last for around 15 minutes which means, billing professionals need to dedicate at least an hour to track four claims. At times when billers need to concentrate on error-free claims submission for maximum revenue, they cannot afford to lose precious time chasing accumulated AR?

Every year, thousands of dollars remain uncollected as practices fail to gather their outstanding balances. Since streamlining and organizing the AR procedure demands investment of time, opting for expert help can be the most effective solution for turning uncollected dollars into real money.

MBC’s April Offers Garnering Overwhelming Response from Physicians

At MedicalBillersandCoders, We always strive to announce exciting offers that can help practices save more money & improve their financial health. For instance, our recently announced April Offers have garnered tremendous response from physicians that lacked time and resources to chase accumulated AR.

As part of the April offer, we are offering AR cleanup of first $5000 absolutely free of charge. For prospects availing our offer, we are dedicating a team of expert AR callers who are vigorously following-up of pending claims to ensure that the practice gets maximum revenue reimbursed.

We have also received a decent response for our other 2 offers – Free Backlog Clearance and a Free Practice Performance Analysis.

Many physicians have been benefited from our free practice performance analysis. The audit report has basically helped practices to identify and rectify problem areas to generate more revenue & turn their blocked revenue in to continuous cash flow. In last 10 years, we have conducted such audits for over 1000 practices, helping practices get more than 30% revenue they never imagined they could have recovered.

All in all, the response to our April Offers has been quite overwhelming till now. We hope to get in more enquirers as the month advances. Through these offers we intend on helping our clients thrive and not just survive and save more money.